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Not necessarily broken, but not fit to support the finance function of tomorrow: a common theme heard from many organisations today.

There are many non-value adding activities performed within the finance function that take up valuable time of the CFOs and their team. Excessive use of spreadsheets, emails, and meetings is still a relevant problem today in many finance functions. In addition, finance and accounting teams are experiencing significant changes due to economic fluctuations. With the continuously evolving global economy, finance and accounting teams need to adapt quickly to changes. Therefore, aligning with and supporting CFO strategies is a must. The priority should be on optimising their accounting function with strong controls and governance.

The priority should be on optimising their accounting function with strong controls and governance

The Protiviti and BlackLine partnership

The BlackLine solution becomes even stronger through their partnership model. BlackLine and Protiviti have grown a strategic partnership to holistically service clients and improve the finance function from end-to-end, thinking beyond tool implementation. This has led to BlackLine awarding Protiviti the APAC Partner of the Year Award for 2023.



APAC Partner of the Year Award for 2023

Protiviti was named BlackLine’s APAC Partner of the Year for 2023. Michael Otto, BlackLine’s Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances & Partner Programs says: “This award is fitting recognition for Protiviti in their first full year as a partner in APJ. Protiviti has been actively engaged, taking BlackLine messaging and solutions to market, and utilising their extensive finance network in the customer community. They have delivered a very successful customer project with a high-profile brand which will be the foundation for many more engagements into the future.” 

How can we help

Business outcomes

Unify systems and data for a complete financial story +

BlackLine will be the driver to integrating all your finance and accounting systems, allowing you to orchestrate your close process across all systems from the cloud, and building automations to make your accounting processes more efficient.

Automate the repetitive tasks to enable higher value work +

The solution design reduces the need for human intervention and eliminates mundane and repetitive tasks. This allows finance and accounting professionals to focus on adding value and providing insight, improving the employee experience and retention.

Build consistency and control into every process and drive accountability through visibility +

BlackLine allows setting consistency and controls in the process through rule-based configuration and workflows and implements standardisation of process across disparate finance teams which results in better reporting and decision making.

Our approach

Ready to get started?  

As a BlackLine implementation consultant, Protiviti offers more than just an implementation – we offer a transformation.

We know that a BlackLine implementation is not a one-size-fits all solution. By conducting a detailed design and discovery phase, we can get to the bottom of the areas and activities causing the most pain. We will recommend and implement the BlackLine solutions and design that align to your needs in the most optimal way and ensure adoption of the new way of working.

Protiviti has a proven track record of finance transformation, that allows us to offer end-to-end development of the finance function, improving supporting processes, designing a better way of working, and taking your team on the journey.