Healthcare Digital, Innovation and Advanced Analytics Solutions Overview

The healthcare technology landscape is experiencing a full-blown disruption with growing global health impacts from the likes of pandemics (COVID-19), global cyberattacks (WannaCry) and the overall push to innovative digital and advanced analytics capabilities aimed at increasing the quality of care, improving the health of communities, reducing costs and connecting the patient across various care settings. These disruptions will increase the need for technologies that can be an ally to helping achieve these goals and will likely include artificial intelligence/machine learning, analytics, robotic process automation, blockchain, the cloud, wearables, telehealth and more. To keep up with consumer demand, regulatory changes and global disruption, healthcare organisations must adapt their core business and create new business models to contend against an ever-changing competitor landscape, including born-digital companies that are vying for the same customers.

For healthcare organisations, this means investing in technology, replacing legacy systems, embracing the cloud, creating customer-facing websites and apps, and rolling out other innovations at an accelerated rate that many healthcare organisations may not be accustomed to addressing. At the same time, managing this digital transformation comes with risks that healthcare organisations must address to achieve their strategies while meeting their growth and profitability goals for the future. These risks come in the areas of data/cybersecurity, legal, regulatory compliance, system interoperability and reimbursement, to name just a few.

In the new normal of disruption and innovation, Protiviti helps healthcare organisations navigate their digital transformation journey. We work with them to assess their current digital maturity level and create strategies and solutions to embrace new and emerging technologies that will help healthcare organisations improve business performance through innovative products and services, create stronger relationships with their customers, and enhance operational performance and decision-making. Protiviti also brings a risk lens to our digital solutions, through which our methodology and tools help to proactively identify and mitigate the risks created along the digital transformation journey. Whether you are just starting down this path, or have digital initiatives in progress, we can help you embrace disruptive innovation and achieve true digital transformation.

Our Key Healthcare Digital, Innovation and Advanced Analytics Solutions:

Protiviti has the skills and insights to help your healthcare organisation define and establish an overarching digital programme or execute and implement innovative digital technologies that align to your goals and strategic business objectives.

Digital Solutions Overview 

Digital Transformation

Innovation Services

Intelligent Automation

Enterprise Data and Analytics


  • Strategy & Business Case Definition
  • Customer Experience & Journey Mapping
  • Culture, Skills & Capabilities
  • Transformation Programme Definition
  • Transformation Programme Execution
  • Education & Training
  • Discovery & Ideation
  • Prototyping, Design & Development
  • Implementation & Change Management
  • Automation Strategy
  • Process Evaluation & Solution Design
  • Programme Implementation
  • Programme Support & Development
  • Automation Strategy
  • Process Evaluation & Solution Design
  • Programme Implementation
  • Programme Support & Development