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SAP access management is an ever-changing landscape that is becoming more popular for internal and external attackers. One of the key controls for SAP is user access management. By enabling your business with a least privilidge access model, one can substantially reduce the risk that a system is exposed to from internal and external threat actors. These are the key risks that SAP role redesign projects and user management can mitigate:

  • Reduces the possible footprint for malicious users to conduct unauthorised activities due to users only having access to what they need to perform their job
  • Reduces the risk of user errors and provides a robust platform for approval workflows and reviews
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorised changes and viewing of sensitive data
  • Ensure audit compliance by making certain no changes are made without approval from the designated approvers
  • Automation of access management processes to streamline business and IT processes.

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Niels Willeboordse
Niels is a director within the technology consulting team of Protiviti with more than 15 years of experience in IT audit and IT risk advisory. Niels is specialised in SAP (ECC, S/4HANA) implementation related projects, specifically: SAP authorizations implementations, ...
Arne Beentjes
Arne Beentjes has worked for protiviti for over 4 years and is currently a senior manager in the technology consulting solution. He has a masters in business information systems from the university of Amsterdam, and specialises in risk management for SAP systems.