Podcast | Understanding the ESG ratings, rankings and metrics landscape

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Protiviti’s Board Perspectives podcast series, in which we delve into numerous challenges and areas of interest for boards of directors.

In this episode, our focus is on environmental, social and governance (ESG) – specifically, how organisations are judged! One of the most challenging aspects of ESG for board members is understanding what’s become a complicated landscape of third-party organisations that rate and/or rank a company’s various ESG practices, as well as trying to learn, at least at a high level, about the many metrics and measurements that gauge ESG maturity.

Helping to provide some clarity to this complicated landscape are Protiviti’s Bob Hirth and Melanie Larkins. Bob is a Senior Managing Director with Protiviti and also serves as Co-Vice Chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, or SASB. Melanie is an Associate Director with the Business Performance Improvement solution at Protiviti and is part of the firm’s ESG group leading ESG services across Protiviti’s solutions. Her focus includes building the firm’s ESG center of excellence and serving as its PMO.

Board Perspectives

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Board Perspectives, from global consulting firm Protiviti, explores numerous challenges and areas of interest for boards of directors around the world. From environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters to fulfilling the board’s vital risk oversight mandate, Board Perspectives provides practical insights and guidance for new and experienced board members alike. Episodes feature informative discussions with leaders and experts from Protiviti and other highly regarded organisations.

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