Peter Berger

Professional Experience

Peter has over 18 years of experience in the fields of risk management, internal audit, internal control and finance. Peter worked for many global, international and local organisations across various industries (financial services, manufacturing, not-for-profit). His core expertise relates to the following topics: operational risk, compliance & regulatory risk, data quality, reporting. Peter has strong personal skills and expertise in change projects, global coordination as well as training & facilitation. Peter is highly analytical, creative, structured, organised and committed.

Major client projects while employed at Protiviti Netherlands

  • Designed operational risk management and compliance frameworks at an international bank. Supported the Risk Management and Compliance departments in determining the methodologies, roles and responsibilities, and underlying processes.
  • Designed the risk management & compliance governance, methodology, processes and tooling at a medium-sized insurance company. Supported the CFRO and Head of Risk & Compliance with the setting the direction, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and designing and implementing a comprehensive risk management framework and processes.
  • Reviewed and enhanced the risk & control monitoring framework at a large global bank. Supported Global Head of Operational Risk in alignment of practices across all business units, the head-office functions and defining one common way of working globally.
  • Reviewed and enhanced the non-financial risk management and internal control framework at an international trading and investment management company, across various business processes.
  • Managed internal audits at an international trust, fiduciary, fund and corporate service provider. Topics included assessment of sales & revenue, financial reporting, human resources & payroll, and procurement & expenses processes.
  • Managed internal audits at companies in manufacturing and oil & gas industries, including the set up and testing of internal controls around financial reporting.
  • Executed several projects around integrity risk and fraud.
  • Executed internal audits at a global bank, across various topics such as risk management, finance, business services operations, and compliance.
  • Executed Risk & Control Self Assessments (RCSAs) at a global bank, including the set up of key controls around several risk management and compliance topics.
  • Implementation of Solvency II data quality requirements at an international insurance company.
  • Supported the set up of risk management function at a regional licensed entity of a global bank.

Prior to joining Protiviti, Peter worked as internal auditor at a global bank, and had various roles at a global not-for-profit organisation.