Future of Work

We help you plan for the unknown.

Companies have had to re-evaluate almost every element of their operations and workforce, from determining how to move forward amid a pandemic to identifying the skills their employees need.

Protiviti helps organisations assess the effectiveness of their current working environment (in-person, hybrid, remote), providing solutions and strategies to ensure that their people can be fully productive. We help organisations determine which model is correct for them based on their business strategy and people strategy.

Protiviti also helps organisations determine the best way to get work done which has been increasingly important given the talent shortage. 

We will help you determine how to effectively leverage robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, and the contingent workforce to help fill the talent gap.

Protiviti helps organisations determine the best way to get work done

Future of work services

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Adapting around workforce, environments, and risks requires streamlined cloud capabilities. We assist through remote work technology optimisation, enhanced digital innovation and collaboration tools. We prepare your people to fully leverage these solutions.

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We help build your enterprise talent ecosystem, unleashing significant value through external partners who can offer new capabilities and solutions to perform higher-value work due to deep, nuanced knowledge of a company’s people, processes, technology, and culture.

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Contingent Workforce Management

We help organisations adapt to the new labour model, which among other elements, comprises a managed services approach that aligns full-time employees, external consultants, and interim professionals in a far more coordinated fashion.

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Capital Projects

Capital projects require having an experienced programme and project management consulting partner. We use a proven individualised approach to help you realise the maximum potential of your capital programmes regardless of size, type, or industry.

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Digital HR Transformation

We help organisations understand the risks and opportunities of their digital core, supporting automation, analysis, and scalability of people processes. Through our work, HR teams are equipped with the tools to transition from a “cost centre” to a “profit centre.”

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Modern collaboration and telepresence technologies provide an unparallelled set of tools for working across large distances. We help your organisation realise the full benefits of these tools, adapting technologies to support routines and working styles.

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Organisations must transform their ESG processes. We help overcome regulatory challenges, seeking out where ESG opportunities lay for businesses while providing policy compliance and detailed reporting.

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Risk Management

The future of work is evolving and must include a careful evaluation of risks regarding what the return to work looks like. Protiviti helps identify key-person risks that should be considered as resumption plans are developed and activated.


Our approach

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace

Companies are transitioning to a workplace model with a significant remote working component, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. To some extent, the decision on whether and how to implement a hybrid or remote working model is unique to each organisation. Maintaining company culture and employee engagement are important considerations.

RISE When Implementing Significant Change  

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace. RISE reflects four important differentiators for leaders and their companies as they drive change:

  • Respond to Change
  • Imagine the Future
  • Strong Performance
  • Engage with RESPECT

The companies that redesign their workplace and engage their workforce to align with the needs of customers and other external stakeholders will be positioned to compete on trust in a marketplace that places a premium on it. 

Companies need to embrace new finance and accounting labour models now. Protiviti can assist with determining whether a labour model is outdated and decide on a strategy to respond to fast-changing resource needs, better equipping organisations to avoid many risks within the traditional labour model.

Protiviti helps you RISE to meet challenges presented by an unknown future workplace


Scott Bolderson
Scott leads the Business Performance Improvement solution in the UK. Prior to this Scott was a part of the Protiviti Technology Consulting solution and spent over 15 years helping to grow this solution.Scott joined the firm in 2004 to help launch the UK business, prior ...
Denise Castaneda
Denise is an Associate Director within Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement consulting practice specialising in operational excellence, change and project/programme management across a variety of industries.Her areas of focus include strategic change ...

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