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legal consulting services

Business operations are always evolving, working to become more agile, innovative and responsive to the enterprise. Despite ongoing challenges – from adapting to hybrid work models and keeping up with technology to recognising growing stakeholder expectations – C-Suite, general counsel, in-house counsel and law firm leaders are successfully mastering all aspects of the business to not only become more valued and influential partners across the organisation but also harnessing legal efficiencies and revenue saving opportunities.

At Protiviti, we bring world-class legal consulting capabilities and global industry expertise to help C-Suite, corporate legal departments and law firms optimise and transform their operations to deliver efficient and cost savings results, while mitigating risks and creating positive business outcomes. Our approach is multidisciplinary and a tailored blend of alternative legal capabilities across legal advisory, technology, industry, managed solutions, and talent management.

legal consulting services

A Legal Perspective on Artificial Intelligence Governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force across industries. As businesses attempt to harness the potential of AI to innovate new processes and enhance existing ones, there is a growing need among businesses to consider how these technologies should be governed to ensure they are designed, developed, deployed and used responsibly. From a legal perspective, AI governance – from transparency and data quality to privacy and algorithm design – raises many complex issues that need to be addressed.

Protiviti Legal Perspectives podcast

In this special edition of Protiviti Legal Perspectives, our panelists—Jamy J. Sullivan, JD, Executive Director of Robert Half Legal Talent Solutions; Nicholas You, Associate Director of Legal Consulting at Protiviti; and Mark Carson, Managing Director at Protiviti—join Protiviti podcast host Chad Volkert to delve into the most pressing legal risks for in-house legal departments.

Our Legal Consulting services

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Litigation, Investigations & Disputes

Help corporations and law firms increase efficiencies, manage risk, and reduce overall spend related to their litigation portfolio including investigations. We expedite the analysis of data across key departments through managed review teams, eDiscovery, forensic and fraud experts and cutting-edge technology. We solve complex and disruptive legal issues by delivering tailored, scalable, and full-service offerings paired with flexible talent solutions across the EDRM model.

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Contracts Management

Legal Consulting provides end-to-end outsourcing of contract, NDA and lease redlining including CLM software implementation solutions to reduce costs and streamline communications. We help mitigate risk associated with legacy contract data and maximise cost-saving efficiencies through efficient remediation techniques and technology automation.

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Legal Risk and Compliance

Work closely with the General Counsel and other members of the in-house team to drive- legal department optimisation and maximise cost savings including legal spend and vendor risk management programmes, enhancing technology effectiveness, DEI initiatives, ESG and regulatory compliance guidelines.

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Information Governance & Managed Data

Mitigate risk and create greater operational efficiency and resilience by conducting records management maturity model assessments and implementing records retention and disposition programmes.

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Data Protection

Support legal privacy and data compliance initiatives with a multi-faceted approach engineered to incorporate cross discipline risk factors including the legal and IT leadership to achieve alignment with compliance obligations.

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Corporate Transactions

Support organisations throughout the entire lifecycle of transactions from due diligence through post-transaction transition assessment including Outsourced and Onsite Legal Solutions, Transaction Management Office, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Technology and Marketing and Digital.


Our approach

People: Protiviti Legal Consulting has a team of full-time consulting experts with varied backgrounds across the legal spectrum including a bench of full-time legal professionals deployed on client projects. We provide you with access to a database of over 800,000 vetted legal professionals to deploy on projects through our parent company, Robert Half. Robert Half’s staffing experts, combined with AI-based matching technology that incorporates decades of placement data, help build the right team with the right skills quickly.

Process: We maximise and demonstrate performance by leveraging data analytics, reporting and strong programme governance through the entire project life cycle, drawing on our proven track record with clients across numerous industries.

Technology: We help our clients reduce costs, simplify workflows, and increase accuracy with quality assurance automation and enhancement solutions developed in our hosted environment using machine learning and natural language processing.

Our global operation centers

Our global operations center provides you with a complete, secure, and trusted solution for managing and analysing documents and other assets. We utilise a cloud infrastructure with robust security features, along with state-of-the-art technology including intelligent process automation tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver lasting process improvements and cost-saving results for our clients.

Hard copy solutions

Processing and hosting

Data and analytics

Project management


Standardise your file handling with speed and confidentiality. We provide high-volume scanning and optical character recognition (OCR); document retention, inventories and disposition; and trial and deposition support.

Securely access your documents anytime, anywhere. We provide hundreds of terabytes of storage with the ability to scale as needed, secure public cloud infrastructure, language translation and broad customisation based on your specific requirements.

Find information and gain insights fast. Our solutions include early information assessments, advanced search techniques and concept clustering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, continuous active learning and predictive coding, and automated machine transcription of audio files.

Do things the right way and on budget. Our team provides project-to-process programme management, detailed status reporting and a metric-driven approaches that leverage automation.

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Charles A. Volkert III, Esq.
Charles (Chad) Volkert is the Global Solutions Leader for Protiviti Legal Consulting, and a member of the firm's Global Solutions Leadership team. He brings more than 22 years of legal optimisation and executive management experience to his clients in the United States ...

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