Podcast | Procurement as a Service: Bringing Together Talent and Skills – with Chris Monk and Holly Lindstrom

In the wake of a world-changing pandemic and amid current uncertainties in the global economy, organisations have made, and are making, some significant adjustments in their operations. For most, the procurement function is at or near the top of the list. These changes are critical for procurement leaders to navigate and manage as global supply challenges become more complex and organisations continue to grapple with technology, talent and skills shortages.

There is a proven solution to address these challenges, something we refer to as procurement as a service. In this episode, we talk with two of Protiviti’s procurement experts, Chris Monk and Holly Lindstrom, about the challenges procurement groups are facing today and how this approach can help.

Chris, a managing director, and Holly, a director, are leaders in Protiviti’s Sourcing and Procurement Transformation Group.

For more information, visit Protiviti’s Sourcing and Procurement Transformation page on the Protiviti website: www.protiviti.com/fr-fr/sourcing-procurement-transformation.

Contact Chris at [email protected].

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