Master Data Management

Gain unprecedented insights into your business operations

We focus on aligning Master Data Management (MDM) solutions with your business goals and vision. We understand that a single version of the truth for key data domains is critical to drive business growth, but how to accomplish that can vary.

Our teams will work with you to implement a solution that meets your organisation's unique environment, while leveraging both general data and industry standards to allow for an agile implementation of MDM. Through this approach, we are able to prove out the program on a domain by domain basis. This ultimately will provide a quicker time to implementation on the domains within the business that are most prioritised for centralisation and further control.

Align MDM solutions with your business goals and vision

Create a trusted view of business-critical data

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Data Domains and Elements

Understanding data domains and data elements is key to assigning accountability and responsibility across your organisation. Our approach takes into consideration business models and current systems architectures such as business applications, integrations, and industry trends.

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Data Quality

Take control of your information. Standardise data to ensure quality and consistency across your organisation. Data standardisation and quality checks are required to get the most value out of MDM. Data quality early in the lifecycle is a key part of data operations.

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Business Rule Definition

A single source of truth that can be modified only under trusted circumstances is at the center of a successful MDM programme. We work with you to define business rules that enable correlating key data domains from internal and external sources into a single “Golden Record” enabling trust and accuracy in the data.

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Domain Hierarchy Alignment

Critical business questions can’t be answered without understanding the relationships between the key business domains. Our experience in multi-domain MDM enables these relationships, helping you answer critical business questions and establish hierarchical relations between key domains.

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Change Management and Adoption

Implementing a change management strategy is an essential element in executing your MDM programme. Our team can establish an effective roadmap and plans for training, communicating, and implementing business process change that will lead to successfully adopting an MDM platform.

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MDM Target Operating Model

There is not a one-size-fits-all operating model. We partner to understand your unique requirements and then map the most appropriate model to best align with your business goals. Whether working in a Centralised, Decentralised or Federated Model, we have the experience to transform your programme.


Notre équipe

Bernard Drui
Bernard Drui est Managing Director et Country Market Leader chez Protiviti France. Il a plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans le monde des affaires, travaillant avec une variété d'organisations pour améliorer leur performance par la gestion des risques, l'efficacité ...
Fabrice Ligier
Fabrice est Associate Director en charge de la ligne de service Internal Audit & Financial Advisory de Protiviti Paris.  Son expérience combinée de chef de département d’audit interne et de Senior Manager en cabinet d’audit lui a permis d'apporter des ...

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