Enterprise Data Governance

Harmonise data across your organisation

Continued pressure from both stakeholders on delivering trusted data has increased the need for companies to establish, improve, and maintain their Enterprise Data Governance (DG) practises.

We help you create a customised approach to evaluate, record, and govern data across your organisation.

Our risk-based perspective enables you to manage the most important data assets to support internal operations and meet the growing demands of your customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Customised approach to evaluate and govern data across your organisation

Our Enterprise Data Governance Offerings

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Data Governance Assessment

Do you know how your data governance programme compares against your peers? Start with a data governance assesSment where we measure the maturity level of your data governance processes helping you connect, manage and maintain data assets across your organisation.

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Data Governance Roadmap

Results from our data governance assessment are used to develop a practical roadmap you can follow. By automating data intake and advancing data governance across your organisation and functional teams, we create an environment of optimisation and accountability for critical data assets.

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Data Quality Assessment

Poor data quality can negatively impact business performance. Through our data quality assessment, our team of experts can profile data sets, providing you visibility into data quality challenges and mechanisms to track, report and fix issues and enable transformation success.

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Data Champion Network

Proper business involvement is essential to ensuring a successful data governance programme. We clarify roles, define expectations of the various individuals that may support governance activities, and provide communication strategies to ensure roles and tasks are performed.

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Catalogue Data Elements

Many data governance programmes fail due to overpromising on scope . We work to carve out bite-sized segments of prioritised data that you can focus on in short, iterative cycles. This allows the most meaningful data sets to receive governance benefits quickly.

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Data Governance Staffing

As enterprise data governance programmes mature, we work with you on staffing support for business as usual functions and accelerators to increase the scope of elements or expand the information recorded and associated with elements to best meet a firm’s ongoing needs.


Our Approach

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure their data governance function is tailored to address their most pressing needs first.

Define and prove the process first

Our subject matter experts in the data governance space work with you to customise a repeatable approach to data governance activities that will work for your organisation.

We are key advocates of identifying and creating processes related to data governance that will work and are independent of tools; however, we do have partnerships with organisations that can accelerate data governance growth once a fully defined process has been created and proved out. We actively assess emerging technologies and methodologies to deliver results that drive performance and growth while managing risks and consider tool recommendations with our client's best interest based on their processes.

Notre équipe

Bernard Drui
Bernard Drui est Managing Director et Country Market Leader chez Protiviti France. Il a plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans le monde des affaires, travaillant avec une variété d'organisations pour améliorer leur performance par la gestion des risques, l'efficacité ...
Fabrice Ligier
Fabrice est Associate Director en charge de la ligne de service Internal Audit & Financial Advisory de Protiviti Paris.  Son expérience combinée de chef de département d’audit interne et de Senior Manager en cabinet d’audit lui a permis d'apporter des ...

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