Privacy Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance and remain competitive

Privacy risk is an ongoing challenge for organisations across industries and geographies. New regulations and laws continue to evolve rapidly, making it a challenge for organisations to remain compliant with privacy expectations.

Protiviti’s privacy compliance experts identify key risks, address compliance gaps, and provide recommendations and the remediation support necessary to maintain compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Identify key risks and address compliance gaps

Our Privacy Compliance solutions

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Data Privacy and Data Protection Strategy

We help you develop and implement a data privacy and data protection strategy supported by a strategic roadmap to operationalise privacy obligations. We connect people, processes, and technologies to automate and reduce the effort of privacy compliance.

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Privacy Programme Establishment

For organisations just getting started on their privacy compliance journey, Protiviti’s privacy compliance experts can identify necessary work streams and establish the foundational elements for a global privacy programme.

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Compliance and Third-Party Validation

No matter the state of your privacy compliance journey, we help validate and implement efforts to become compliant with regulatory and third-party contractual requirements, including cross-border data transfers.

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Privacy Data Subject Requests

Protiviti captures an accurate and complete picture of compliance at scale, enabling companies to manage high-volume data subject requests from consumers.

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Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

Protiviti helps you identify high-risk activities and exposure through ongoing monitoring of compliance data, privacy protection, and changes to legal obligations.

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Privacy Programme Optimisation

Data has value for both business growth and compliance. We help you centralise, operationalise, and optimise your data by leveraging industry-leading privacy frameworks for company-wide protection and compliance, such as GDPR, AICPA, and NIST Privacy Framework.


Our comprehensive approach to Data Privacy

Protiviti applies a holistic framework that addresses the fundamental aspects of data privacy

Data privacy regulations are in flux globally. Even as companies put the finishing touches on extensive preparations to comply with applicable privacy laws, such as the European Union’s GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act, new regulations continue to be introduced in other countries. As legislators pass new laws, they continuously amend those already in effect. Data privacy regulations are not static.

The problem and proposed solutions are complex and evolving. One thing is almost certain—anyone aiming to comply with a specific regulation with a target date in mind will be disappointed as those near-term obligations are supplanted by new and different rules over the mid- and long-term.

In response to this changing landscape, Protiviti applies a holistic framework that addresses the fundamental aspects of data privacy without being locked into any one specific compliance format. We focus on the most pressing data privacy issues companies face, including:

  • Developing strategies to address global data privacy regulations
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Addressing resource and skill shortages
  • Operationalising privacy needs
  • Implementing privacy tools and remediation support

By working ahead of the law in a comprehensive fashion, Protiviti helps build the foundations of a strong but flexible privacy programme that includes understanding principles, educating stakeholders, and developing an applicable governance structure for managing changes. This base enables companies and their stakeholders to look to the uncertain future of privacy regulations with greater confidence.

Protiviti applies a holistic framework that addresses the fundamental aspects of data privacy

Key Data Privacy partners

We partner closely with cybersecurity and privacy market leaders , ensuring our clients receive the best solutions to meet their needs.

Notably, Protiviti has performed more global implementations than other OneTrust partner s and has well over 175 OneTrust-certified consultants, including more than 10% of the global population of OneTrust Fellows of Privacy Technology spread across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Some of our top partners include:


Sameer is a Managing Director and the practice lead for the Data Privacy team. He has over 20 years of experience across several industries related to designing and advising privacy and data protection programmes. He has also advised large global clients on ...
Kevin is a Director with over 16 years of experience in the cybersecurity and privacy fields, with 7 of those years in the Asia-Pacific region. He specialises in privacy and data protection strategy and advisory, assessments, and implementation services.
Joseph has a diverse range of Privacy expertise, bringing leadership and guidance to various high-priority regulatory compliance initiatives. This has included serving as an independent assessor pursuant to a Federal Trade Commission Consent Order, managing GDPR and ...
Caitlin is an Associate Director with nearly 10 years of experience working in consulting. She specializes in global cybersecurity, data protection, and data privacy compliance and helps organizations set up, run, and assess their cyber and privacy programmes. Caitlin ...

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