Driving the mission of Non-Profits to maximum impact.

Non-profit organisations innovate each day to positively impact their communities, be they local, national, or global. While driven by a mission beyond profit, they still face the business realities of understanding and meeting the needs of those they serve, leveraging technology to drive efficiency and great experiences, and operating an effective and well-controlled operation to maximise impact. In addition, non-profits in many parts of the world face additional scrutiny from regulators, tax authorities and the public at-large. Effectively and efficiently navigating the unique challenges facing non-profits is critical to allowing them to focus on achieving their valuable missions.

In today’s rapidly-evolving environment, a trusted advisor – who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise, and practical experience – can enhance the value of your organisation. Our non-profit consulting experts are here to partner with you to meet the challenges of this dynamic world.

Sectors we serve


Foundations help to fuel the impact of other non-profit organisations and advance social change. We help large foundations to optimise their impact by focusing on both their operations and those of their funded organisations. We frequently assist foundations with implementing and managing cybersecurity initiatives, enhancing technology infrastructure, and providing internal audit capabilities.

We help you retain and grow your membership.

Professional associations

Professional organisations help to drive progress forward for industries and professionals through advocacy and education. We help you retain and grow your membership through a focus on member experience, driving operational and digital enhancements. We have experience in reviewing and optimising organisational design, driving cybersecurity initiatives, partnering on internal audit initiatives, and providing managed solutions for technology, finance, and accounting functions.

We help you retain and grow your membership.

Religious and ethnic organisations

Religious organisations provide services to their followers and the broader communities that enrich lives. We provide specialised capabilities to help you optimise you real estate holdings, modernise your technology systems and manage costs to maximise the impact of the services you provide.

Through new experiences, enhance lives of your communities.

Cultural organisations

Cultural organisations enhance the lives of their communities through new experiences and opportunities for personal exploration and expression. We partner with you to assess and enhance your patron experience, modernising your technology and helping to optimise your revenue streams. We also help you to drive operational performance through a wide range of internal audit and process enhancement capabilities.

Through new experiences, enhance lives of your communities.

Education institutions

Educational institutions help to build a more productive, knowledgeable society. We help you to achieve your mission through creation of well-controlled, efficient operations, powered by the latest technologies and focused on creating great experiences for your students. We offer a range of managed solutions in technology and financial operations that can help you save costs and drive performance.

Optimising technology to drive excellence.

Social services organisations

The broad family of social services organisations are unified in their drive to improve the health and welfare of their communities. We help drive performance in organisations which heavily utilise volunteers. We assist you in enhancing fundraising capabilities, maximising government subsidies, and developing and managing alliance and ecosystems partnerships. We also assist in helping you meet your regulatory requirements and optimising your technology infrastructure to drive operational excellence.

Optimising technology to drive excellence.

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