Internal Audit Services

Audit. Assess. Advise.

Internal Audit Services

We deliver world-class internal audit services, leveraging leading practises that we have helped define and shape for the profession.  Innovation inspires and encourages. Technology and data enable and deliver insight and efficiency.  Proven and contemporary methods drive results. Our strategic Internal Audit sourcing models deliver specialised talent, methodology, and technology to meet the evolving needs of Internal Audit functions ranging from full outsourced solutions and delivery centres to tactical staff-augmentation.

Internal Audit Services

Our Internal Audit services

Leading Practices. Innovation. Data & Technology Enabled.

The future of internal audit. Forward-looking focus with leading practices, innovation, and technology enablement at the core

Our approach

Our internal audit solutions bring deep expertise and industry- and domain-insight to enhance and protect organisational value through our risk-based and objective audit, assessment, and advisory services.

Businesses are facing complex challenges, change, and disruption in an ever evolving and dynamic business, socioeconomic, and regulatory landscape.  These challenges result in new risks and opportunities to organisations. Effectively navigating these opportunities and risks requires an internal audit function that is forward-looking, focused on innovation and continuous improvement. And, has access to all the skills and experiences necessary to delivery timely, relevant, and deep insight as a trusted advisor to Audit Committees and business executives.

Protiviti’s approach:

  • Deep technical and industry skillsets
  • Focused on innovation
  • Range of sourcing solutions – from fully outsourced and delivery centre capabilities to strategic staffing solutions
  • Controls, compliance, and risk management expertise
  • Focused on you

We provide you with better information for decision-making regarding the systems and processes that drive your technology, compliance, or operational efforts. Our expertise and technology and innovation focus help you identify opportunities to improve business performance.

The future of internal audit. Forward-looking focus with leading practices, innovation, and technology enablement at the core


Matt Liang
Next Gen IT Internal Audit Next Gen IT Risk, Control  Cloud and Cyber Security Matt is our IT risk, control and IT internal audit specialist with considerable blue chip company experience of effectively delivering projects associated with various risk ...
Yannis Kavvadias
Next Gen Operational Risk Management Process Improvement & Implementation Internal Audit Yannis stands for dealing with complex structures and approaches in risk management. He is passionate about agile and innovative environments. His finance and ...
Michael Thor
Michael Thor is a Managing Director in the Internal Audit practice of Protiviti. He has over 21 years’ experience in providing internal audit as well as operational, financial, and IT consulting services to organisations across a variety of companies within financial ...
Andrew Struthers-Kennedy
Andrew Struthers-Kennedy is a Managing Director leading Protiviti’s global IT Audit practice. Based in the metro Washington D.C. area, Andrew works with clients to help drive efficiency, effectiveness, and enhanced risk mitigation in their IT and business operations. ...

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