Reporting and Visualisation

The last mile in your data management journey

Using analytics to uncover insights from data is crucial for fact-based decision making. No matter your analytics initiative, we can show you how to create meaningful dashboards and reports to not only communicate information more clearly, but to identify, define, plan, deliver and track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our end-to-end services take you from design through development and deployment of interactive and graphical visualisations enabling improved operations and business performance.

Turn data into actionable insights

Leverage business insights to improve performance

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Report Design

Understanding users, what data impacts their success, and how they interact with data is the key to impactful reporting. Our report design experts collaborate with you to make key decisions on reporting platform, design, and content.

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Report and Dashboard

Through a variety of service models, we develop the entire lifecycle of reporting. This includes dashboards, paginated reports, mobile reporting, and self-service datasets.

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Reporting Governance

Just like your data, reporting needs to be secure and managed by a governance strategy. We design and implement a governance plan that places reporting in the appropriate hands and secures sensitive or private data through a variety of methods.

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Reporting Center of Excellence

Data and reporting needs change quickly. Users need to explore data without waiting. We guide you through the framework, technology, processes, and people needed to enable users to explore their data and improve access to best-practices.

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Reporting Infrastructure

Whether reporting is done on-premises or in the cloud, properly hosting and organising reporting is key to successful implementation. We work to build out a logical and secure reporting structure that is intuitive to all users enabling wider user adoption.

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Reporting DevOps

Report development is a constant and fast-moving process. We optimise a reporting deployment pipeline that provides collaboration, source control, flexibility between environments and automated deployment and testing enabling you to easily manage reporting needs.


Key partners

The power of partnership is undeniable. Our alliance partnerships and full-service technology consulting capabilities bring many support benefits to our clients, including better efficiency and performance. Some of our key partners include:


Andrea Rista
Andrea Rista is Director at Protiviti Italy and Protiviti Bulgaria, with focus on Business Risk Consulting, Corporate Governance and Internal Audit services.In Protiviti since 2004, he developed strong skills in internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, and ...
Stan Oparanov
Stan Oparanov is Director at Protiviti Milan and Protiviti Bulgaria. Stan is one of the leaders of Protiviti Bulgaria and focuses on the use of technology and innovation in management consulting, risk management, compliance and internal audit.He has strong ...

Client Success Story

Global Retailer Goes Digital: Revitalising Store Operations and Enhancing Community Commitment

Protiviti leveraged Power BI to help this client improve its operational analytics. The project involved automating the generation of reports, replacing the archaic system that took at least a week to produce results. The goal was to give store managers actionable real-time data delivered via effective visual interfaces, easy for anyone to understand with little training.