Podcast | Select and Implement the Right Tech Tool for Your Finance Group – with Shelly Kalladanthyil and Nick McKeehan

One of the most significant decisions a CFO faces is selecting the right technology or tool to help them run the finance organisation and deliver expected results and value for the business. But technology selection is only the first step. There also is implementation, a just as important stage that can make or break the success of the technology and its effectiveness in the eyes of stakeholders throughout the organisation.

In this podcast, we chat with Protiviti Managing Directors Shelly Kalladanthyil and Nick McKeehan about finance technology tool selection and implementation, including whether it’s time to move to the cloud. Shelly and Nick are leaders in Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement and Finance Transformation practices.

Among the key points they make: It’s not just about choosing a technology and putting it into place. Selecting the right finance technology tool requires significant due diligence as well as contributors from throughout the organisation to make it a true success for the business.

For more information, visit the Finance Technology & Data page on the Protiviti website: www.protiviti.com/bg-bg/finance-technology-data.

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