Finance Technology & Data

Create sustainable growth with innovative digital solutions.

Maximising data and automating functions are central to transformation and growth within an organisation.

Protiviti can help you harness, analyse, and leverage data more efficiently so your organisation can make data-based business decisions.  

We have the expertise and resources to deploy end-to-end solutions to transform your finance and business operations. 


October 24, 2023

2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Explore Protiviti’s 2023 global finance trends survey with expert opinions, financial forecasts, and financial risk assessments. Download the full report.

How we’re helping our clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organisation's unique finance needs and beyond:
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Digital Transformation

Build trust, simplify transactions, and drive business growth as you create and deliver exceptional experiences for your customers with Protiviti Digital.

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Data & Analytics

Future-state finance functions must generate insight that help to exceed consumer expectations. We can show your team members how use advanced data and analytics capabilities to facilitate this role.

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Discover how our technology and business process consulting solutions can help you automate, modernise or embark on an end-to-end finance transformation journey—from strategy, design and development through implementation, risk management and managed services.

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Let our Cloud team help you migrate finance ERP and operations (from CRM to reporting, reconciliations, and payment processing) to the cloud. We emphasis the mitigation journey while ensuring the long-term cloud platform is efficient and secure. Learn more about our Cloud offerings.

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As key stakeholders in organisational data security and privacy finance, we understand the importance of protecting your data and systems. Learn more about our Cybersecurity capabilities.

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Ecosystem Partners

Our extensive network of partners allows us to connect innovative services and technology with our extensive experience to optimise key financial processes and business performance initiatives.

Defining Finance for the Future

Our approach

We deliver finance priorities with business growth plans to help our clients create value, while remaining competitive and profitable. Our finance technology solutions create flexibility, and help you respond to the evolution of the market and support your organisational growth, including:

  • Investing in learning & development so your people understand, work with, and embrace technology.  
  • Identifying requirements to help the organisation leverage the appropriate technology for process automation, data flow and reporting.
  • Achieving five key outcomes: optimise and automate processes, integrate capabilities across processes and applications, create an effective and efficient data environment through systems of records, align reporting and analytics to business needs, and understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) for business applications.

Protiviti’s finance technology and data consulting includes:

  • Future state design and optimisation
  • Data classification, protection and governance
  • Project implementation strategy and roadmap
  • Technology enablement



Defining Finance for the Future

Key partners

Through our alliance partnerships we connect innovative services and technology with consulting expertise to optimise key processes and business performance initiatives.


Andrea Rista
Andrea Rista is Director at Protiviti Italy and Protiviti Bulgaria, with focus on Business Risk Consulting, Corporate Governance and Internal Audit services.In Protiviti since 2004, he developed strong skills in internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, and ...
Stan Oparanov
Stan Oparanov is Director at Protiviti Milan and Protiviti Bulgaria. Stan is one of the leaders of Protiviti Bulgaria and focuses on the use of technology and innovation in management consulting, risk management, compliance and internal audit.He has strong ...
Create value, while remaining competitive and profitable

Defining finance for the future

Our holistic Finance Transformation approach considers Technology, Process and Data layers. We leverage automation and emerging technologies to optimise and automate your finance processes.

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