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Welcome to the May edition of Industry Insights for Consumer Products and Retail.

Just as a golfer surveys the terrain before taking their first swing, successful businesses navigate their industry with careful planning and foresight. This month, we're teeing up crucial strategies: strategic sourcing and design thinking. Join us as we embark on a journey to optimise your business performance and drive innovation in the consumer products and retail sector.

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Strategic Sourcing: Gaining Advantage, Mitigating Risk

Hazards like new tariffs and other unexpected costs, quality issues, reputational risk, labor scarcity and currency fluctuation put operations at risk. A shift in mindset to a strategic sourcing strategy anticipates and mitigates supply chain risk while improving resilience and responsiveness, still aiming to reduce total cost of ownership.

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Design Thinking for Technology Modernisation: Driving Value, Reducing Technology Debt

In the consumer products and retail sectors, the burdens of legacy systems and manual processes pose significant challenges for organisations across the value chain from store or online purchases to overall operations. Disconnected applications, error-prone tasks, technical debt and a lack of insight and intelligence can hinder efficiency and innovation. To address these pressing issues, a strategic approach to modernisation is essential.

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