Business Continuity and Resilience

Ensure your organisation’s preparedness under pressure for resumption, adaptation and advancement.

Companies need to stay ahead of risks by understanding priorities, planning for disruptions, employing good business practices and exercising forethought to increase their ability to course-correct quickly when things go wrong.

Rapid digital change and growing cyber concerns have increased the risk of extreme but plausible events which may impact your organisation’s important business services. By building on traditional business continuity management (BCM) practices, your organisation can leverage operational resilience practices to help understand, prevent and recover in these instances.

BCM is traditionally composed of three distinct, though interrelated, disciplines. These are Crisis Management and Communications, IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR), and Business Process Resumption. Having a continuity plan across these disciplines allows organisations to respond to risks that not only impact business operations but also provides the ability to protect their people and brand, earn revenue, maintain relevance and remain compliant with regulations. Companies need to stay ahead of these risks by understanding priorities, planning for disruptions, employing good business practices, and exercising forethought to increase their ability to course-correct quickly when things go wrong.

We can leverage operational resilience by leveraging business continuity management (BCM) practices

Prepare and Build Resilience for the Unknown

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Crisis Management and Communications

Protiviti helps you develop a crisis management governance model, strategy and plan that is tailored to your organisation and culture. Leverage your operational structure to drive the approach and facilitate corporate knowledge, decision making and awareness.

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Business Resumption

We organise, assess and mitigate risks associated with planning for, and responding to, business disruptions and crisis events. We determine strategies, develop and implement plans as part of your overall BCM programme.

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IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) and Resilient Architecture

We provide relevant input for the design, architecture, tool selection and related strategic and tactical considerations for any level of ITDR maturation or transformation.

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Programme Assessment and Reviews

Protiviti performs assessment reviews of Crisis Management, Incident Response, Business Resumption, IT Disaster Recovery, Operational Resilience, and BCM Programme Maturity.

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Business Impact Analysis

We assess various impacts of a business interruption on key business processes and determine business process criticality, recovery objectives and reliance on technology and third parties to run the business.

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Strategy Development and Implementation

We help develop recovery strategies designed to minimise impact from an outage event and create/ document crisis management, business resumption and ITDR plans.

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Testing and Training

We develop and execute BCM training for key personnel responsible for recovery activities and design/ facilitate business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery exercises.

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Continuity Risk Assessment

Protiviti identifies business continuity-related risks to the organisation and determines the likelihood, significance, and velocity of business impacts from a continuity perspective.

The development of a BCM programme is a cycle that is continuously enhanced

Our Approach

No one can predict when the next disaster or business disruption will strike. The only certainty is that something unplanned and disruptive will happen. Protiviti is helping companies prepare and build resilience for the unknown, manage technology risk and develop sustainable business continuity programmes. Our services support your on-going BCM lifecycle planning and management process.

The development of a BCM programme is a cycle that is continuously enhanced


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