Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation


Vision by Protiviti 

Bringing disruptive thinking to reinvent organisations from the inside out.

Evolving needs and customer expectations challenge even the most agile organisations to keep up in the Digital Age. To survive, organisations must constantly innovate and transform.

Protiviti helps organisations think differently – from digital strategy and stakeholder alignment, to solution design and implementation, our experts instill a culture of innovation and agility. We help clients redefine customer experience, explore new operating models, create enhanced digital channels, and build skills required to compete in today’s marketplace.

Digital Transformation Services

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Strategy and Business Case Definition

Develop and quickly align on a business-oriented DX strategy.  Define business cases, design target operating models and technology architecture.  Plan and mobilise a DX programme.

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Customer Experience/Journey Mapping 

Analyse and enhance the end-to-end customer experience (CX). Design and map the customer journey, capturing the voice of the customer and applying design principles for continuous improvement. 

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Culture, Skills & Capabilities

Better understand organisational strengths and weaknesses through Digital Maturity assessments and benchmarking.  Define and execute digital talent management programmes to transform how your organisation acts and thinks.   

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Transformation Programme Definition  

Transform a vision into an actionable plan, with clearly defined key activities, roles, and responsibilities. Maintain a focus on people, technology, process, and change management. 

Transformation Program Execution MD

Transformation Programme Execution

Design, prototype and deliver high-quality solutions to the market. Demonstrate a return on investment and set a foundation for growth.

Protiviti brings deep capabilities in 

  • system integration
  • cloud transformation and enablement
  • advanced data analytics and business intelligence
  • intelligent automation.

You get access to custom software development capabilities and creative talent, along with expertise in programme governance, security, privacy and other compliance requirements.

Are you a digital leader or follower?


Our digital maturity framework and free online self-assessment tool help organisations understand their digital aptitude and readiness for digital transformation. Quickly get insight into digital capabilities, maturity, and areas to prioritise on the journey towards becoming digital.

Regardless of where you are on your Digital Transformation journey, Protiviti helps you explore emerging technologies, advanced data analytics and automation solutions to be more efficient, accurate and drive informed decision-making.


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Digital Tranformation from the Board's Perspective



Our Service Offerings Include:

Enterprise Data and Analytics

We help companies break down data silos and sort through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks. The end result — enabling clients to make intelligent business decisions that drive performance and growth while managing risks.


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Cloud Solutions

Protiviti’s Cloud Consulting Services team is helping CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders capture value by leveraging the latest capabilities and designing solutions that simply work, as well as manage governance, risk and compliance issues regarding cloud.


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Software Services

Protiviti’s Software Services team is focused on agile design, development and implementation of innovative business solutions. Our flexible delivery model is scalable and cost-effective with the ability to leverage consulting capabilities and sourcing of specialised talent.


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Organisational Transformation

We partner with clients and provide pragmatic approaches to align, define, adopt and execute dynamic strategies to establish a cultural foundation that’s accepting of the most complex transformation.


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Technology Strategy and Operations

Protiviti’s Technology Strategy and Operations team will help you mature both your technology and technology management capabilities: from establishing strategy and implementing future state solutions to supporting ongoing delivery of service.


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