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Harrison Jardine, Manager, Business Performance Improvement at Protiviti UK, shares his thoughts on how businesses can put people at the heart of automation. Find out how to use human centered design to gain consensus on strategy across the business.


The use of Data and Automation

Unlock the power of your data with automation in just 100 seconds. Learn how automation can revolutionise your organisation's decision-making process. From data collection to reporting, automation streamlines tasks, ensuring accurate and consistent insights. Leverage machine learning and AI for advanced analytics, augmenting human understanding. Discover the benefits of automation: increased efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy.

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How businesses can apply human centric design to their technology strategy

Roland Carandang, Managing Director, Technology Consulting at Protiviti UK, talks about how to apply human centric design to your technology strategy.


How organisations are optimising their account receivable and payable strategies

Charlie Newman, Managing Vice Charles Stokeld, Senior Consultant Business Performance Improvement, Protiviti UK. In the current Economic Climate there is an onus on finance leaders to optimise their cash management activities.


Ransomware in manufacturing and national infrastructure

Sashank Tadimeti Manager, Technology Consulting at Protiviti UK shares his thoughts on the latest cyber threats in manufacturing and national infrastructure.


The biggest sanctions challenges financial institutions face

Bernadine Reese, Managing Director in Risk and Compliance, Protiviti UK and Cornelia Tomczak, Director, Protiviti Germany discuss some of the biggest sanctions challenges financial institutions are facing at the moment. Find out how the new regulation could affect you.


3 things you need on your business continuity radar

With climate change to mass infrastructure outages, Business Continuity is rapidly emerging through as a critical part of any businesses planning and forecasting. Hear Emma Spenwyn, a Manager in Protiviti's Operational Resilience team, talk about three areas you need to ensure your business is focusing on to best prepare for the unknown and some tips on what you can do now.


The top three Next Gen Internal Audit tech enablers

Alex Psarras, Associate Director Internal Audit and Financial Advisory, Protiviti UK. Many Audit functions have heavily invested in innovation activities. Across the world internal audit functions of all shapes and sizes is been increase the use of Data, Analytics and Automation.


What are the key capabilities of a good insider risk management solution?

Organisations who are looking to minimise their internal risk as well as improve their data protection. Implementing an Insider risk management solution is a must a good solution must be able to help you detect investigate as well as act on these malicious threats inside of your organisation. The five key capabilities to look out for are first the ability to create security policies this is where you go and Define events as well as risk indicators that fits your organisation.


Employee Experience- A Leadership Priority

Matt Duncan, Employee Experience Lead, Protiviti UK. Investing in and improving employee experience is not only the right thing to do it offers a competitive advantage positively impacting brand and reputation productivity and employee well-being. Did you know that investment and employee experience means that you are more than two times more likely to exceed your financial targets, two and a half times more likely to delight your customers and more than five times more likely to create a sense of belonging amongst your employees.

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