Peter Richardson

Managing Director, Architect Future of Work

Peter leads Protiviti’s focus on The Future of Work globally. In helping clients face the future with confidence in an ever more dynamic world, he emphasises rebuilding the operating model and future of work engine by empowering teams, equipping them to contribute fully in a hybrid environment and developing an underpinning culture. Prior to joining Protiviti in 2011, Peter spent 25 years as a consultant to the financial services industry including leadership roles in the UK and Europe. In 2016, Peter took on the role as Country Market Leader for the UK and under his leadership he successfully doubled its size.

Peter is a specialist in change management and operational transformation. He takes a particular interest in the people dimension and specialises in behavioural risk and culture change, as well as in large scale programme delivery and programme assurance. 


  • For a Global Broker Designed a Comprehensive Target Operating Model for all UK areas with a clear vision of how, by moving to the new operating model, the business would achieve a robust business case with payback within three years to achieve a 5% improvement in EBIT. Revised processes, technology platform and organisation structure to enable growth without impact to business as usual.
  • FS Regulation – Peter was responsible for a range of programme assurance engagements, covering many key regulatory themes (AIFMD, Consumer Credit, PSR, MiFID/MAR, IT Resilience, Information Security).
  • Culture Change and Risk Culture – Peter specialises in behavioural risk and culture change as well as risk culture and the people dimensions of large-scale programme delivery and programme assurance.


  • Performance Improvement
  • Change Integration
  • Programme Management
  • Target Operating Model
  • Programme assurance
  • Culture Change management
  • Merger integration and divestment support


  • Financial Services
  • Specialism in retail financial institutions specifically banking and insurance
  • X-Industry


  • MA Modern Languages Oxford