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June 2024 Issue

A seamless S/4HANA journey: From Solution Design to Data & Analytics, and ensuring Security & Compliance - we have you covered!

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Jumpstarting S/4HANA Adoption

Global Distributor Transforms Analytics Program

Our client's move to SAP S/4HANA revolutionised their business processes and analytics program after significant growth led them to outgrow their legacy ERP systems.

Learn how our tailored self-service data management and best practices training made a seamless transition possible.

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Mastering Compliance and Efficiency

SAP GRC Access Control Operations

Explore the partnership between Protiviti and a leading consumer brand that led to the creation of a cutting-edge GRC framework and enhanced access control functionality.

Read more to discover how your organisation can enhance security and optimise its SAP GRC environment.

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Next-Level Reporting

Managed Services Revolutionise SAP GRC Access Control Operations

Find out how specialised managed services can support and manage the dynamic changes in your SAP landscape, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Read more to ensure that your organisation is leveraging the full potential of SAP's evolving GRC environment.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy

The American Privacy Rights Act of 2024

The proposed American Privacy Rights Act is poised to reshape the landscape of data usage and protection.

Continue reading to gain exclusive perspectives from leading voices, and learn how to proactively adapt to these potential regulatory changes.

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Modernising Identity Management for SAP With Microsoft Entra ID

Thursday, May 30th

1 p.m. EDT | 10 a.m. PDT

With the recent announcement of end-of-life support for SAP Identity Management in 2027 and the Microsoft/SAP collaboration effort to develop a solution enabling SAP customers to migrate their identity management scenarios to Microsoft Entra, now is the perfect time to learn how this integration can modernise your identity management program. In this webinar, our expert speakers will demonstrate how this integration empowers organisations to centralise identity management, enhance security, and streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning.

During this interactive webinar, our Microsoft and SAP experts will discuss:

  • The significance of identity management and governance
  • Understanding the challenges of identity management within SAP
  • Overview of Microsoft Entra ID and its capabilities
  • Benefits of integrating SAP with Entra ID for identity and access management


  • Joe Marcum, Managing Director, Protiviti
  • Bryan Jordan, Associate Director, Protiviti
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