Data as a Service

We can assist you overcome challenges of setting up strategy & structures to democratise your data making it understandable & actionable. Typical results are improved customer experience, retention, higher revenue, better products, and services.

Data as a service is an approach to providing data capabilities in the Cloud for our clients. This service can include services across the data journey depending on what is needed. We provide services in data collection, ingestion and curation as well as providing dashboards/visualisations, analytic models, or datasets for data science or AI use cases. This service can help clients who perhaps do not have the core skills in house or clients that do not want to use their existing teams to set up and run a complex data environment and want to partner with us to provide it as a service.

Democratise your data to make it understandable & actionable

Our capabilities

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Data Collection / Ingestion

During the set-up of the service, we will work with you to identify the best method & timing for collecting data. We will access the understand the quality & pattern of obtained data. The data is provided in an on-going basis.

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Data Aggregation, Segmentation

Our team of experts can help devise methods to split & group similar data based on predetermined parameters. They can also compile data points fit for your business & turn into insights.

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Data correlation

This is a process to identify relationship between data points by using statistical methods. It is a reliable way of measuring risk tolerance & confidence level in data sets. It will help you make intelligent data centric decisions.

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Data Visualisation & Analytics

We use a variety of tools to identify patterns and visually display insights from your data. The visual representation of data makes it simpler to spot and communicate real-time patterns, outliers, and new insights about the data.

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Data Catalogue and Lineage

A well-defined and maintained data catalogue increases adoption of the data-driven culture in an organisation. It allows business users to discover information assets and understand data journey based on the lineage.


Our approach

We work with you to define your data management strategy

Using our framework, we work with you to define your data management strategy & deployment model. This is underpinned by data management capabilities across the information supply chain, the right talent, and analytical processes. At the core is data collection, preparation, correlation, and visualisation process that is both iterative and agile. It will help democratise your data making it understandable & actionable.

We work with you to define your data management strategy