Data Privacy & Security

At Protiviti, our data privacy and security experts can advise on building security into every layer of your information systems while meeting your regulatory needs and business goals. Protecting data does not just involve protection from malicious outside actors but also pertains to avoiding human, transfer and configuration errors that could harm your data. Our information security architects can advise on and implement every aspect of data security including data lifecycle management, data loss prevention, securing APIs, data encryption, regulations, data sovereignty, data resilience and availability.

Every organisation is different and can have a different risk appetite. Careful planning and implementation is needed to guarantee that your security architecture is aligned with your organisation's risk appetite.

Data privacy is one of the most high-profile challenges that organisations face these days as failure to do that can not only affect their operations but can severely erode the public trust and ultimately their reputation.

An integrated and structured process to identify, prioritise and continually monitor the security structure is needed to clearly, and proactively recognise and resolve potential security vulnerabilities.

At Protiviti, we work with clients to understand their current state of data security followed by the definition of an attainable target state. We then perform a gap analysis and create a strategic data protection roadmap and establish project charters for implementation of the roadmap. We cover network security, data encryption at rest and in-motion, role-based access controls and continuous monitoring.

Build security into every layer of your information systems

Our capabilities

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Cloud Data Security

Security is paramount to organisations who are either considering moving their data workloads to the cloud or are already on the cloud. Most organisations utilise a cloud shared services model which requires a centralised security governance framework.

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Data Protection

At Protiviti, our experts can help you embed the data security safeguards within your information systems including techniques such as data encryption, access control, data loss prevention, audit logging, and alerting.

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Data Security framework

Our cloud data security framework with clearly defined roles of Security Officer, Security Architect and Data Protection Officers enables clients to establish and embrace a security culture across the enterprise.

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Data regulations / GDPR

Organisations must meet legal responsibilities about how they collect, store, and process personal data. Considering the innate complexity surrounding regulations, our experts can assist in curating processes around your DSAR requirements.


Our approach

Fully understand the business security context

Data protection solutions rely on technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP), storage with built-in data protection, firewalls, encryption, and endpoint protection. Protiviti’s data security experts help you fully understand the business security context, help establish critical best practices for ensuring data privacy processes you want to enable, provide traceability, and implement role-based access controls on data across your information systems. 

Fully understand the business security context