Cloud and Data Architecture

Protiviti aims to bring value to clients by implementing scalable cloud data architecture and frameworks to deliver relevant data to people who need it, when they need it, and help make sense of it.

In our fast-changing world, organisations often struggle to balance business transformation with operational excellence and cost reduction while protecting their market leadership.

The key to success lies with reliable, secure, and governed data architecture that empowers the business to facilitate and enable the change that organisation envisions.

At Protiviti, we believe that architecture should never be a purpose on its own. Our technology consulting professionals become your trusted advisors, providing insight and strategic vision through a unique blend of technical proficiency, project experience, and business knowledge. We leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to deliver results that drive performance and growth while managing risks.

Modern cloud data architecture platforms are designed proactively with scalability and flexibility in mind, anticipating complex data needs for the business.

Choosing the best architecture that fits an organisation’s goals is not straightforward and requires a full understanding of its data and business requirements as well as a thorough knowledge of emerging technologies and best practices.

We work with each individual client to help them choose the right architecture for their scenario, and then select the right cloud services and technologies that are the best fit for their requirements.

The key to success lies with reliable, secure, and governed data architecture

Our Cloud and Data Architecture services

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Flexible and scalable

Modern workloads in life sciences, genomic sequencing, data modeling, or AI/ML demand a lot of data and a fast, reliable way to access and process it. Cloud data architectures must be flexible and scalable to accommodate such demanding use-cases.

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Data-agnostic design

With increasing demand to store, process and analyse not only structured, but also semi-structured and un-structured data at varying frequency and large volumes, the architecture should be able to quickly adapt to your unique analytics use cases.

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Customer centric

Rather than focus on data or the technology to extract, ingest, transform, and present, a modern architecture starts with business users and their requirements and flows backward. A good architecture continuously evolves to meet the changing needs.

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Cloud native

For data teams and companies with relatively small budgets, cloud native technologies are increasingly becoming the default option. They provide faster go to market and combine a robust, unified information core with the most innovative technologies.

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Unified access

Enterprise data is spread across multiple data stores both on-premises and on the cloud. Getting business users an integrated view of the data and the ability to share it securely to external partners is critical for true data-driven organisations.

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Automation & DevOps

Modern architectures are too vast for manual management. Automation & DevOps help respond to rapidly changing business needs by providing source control, easy deployment, automated testing, and monitoring of infra and code across environments.


Our approach

We provide end-to-end data architecture design and implementation

Data is at the centre of the fast-changing digital transformation. Protiviti’s technology consulting services help you fully understand the business processes you want to enable, the customer experience you want to create, or the critical information you need to protect.

At Protiviti, we provide end-to-end data architecture design and implementation for our clients across a wide range of industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, FMCG, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation etc.

We provide end-to-end data architecture design and implementation