IT Audit’s Perspectives on the Top Technology Risks in Energy & Utilities for 2021

Cybersecurity, Privacy, Data and Resilience Dominate the Top Technology Challenges for Energy and Utilities Organisations.

Notable findings:

Security, privacy, cloud and advanced technologies are among the top technology risks – These issues have been fueled further by pandemic-driven times of remote work and new business processes, as well as increasing connectivity via IoT.

Digital leaders stand out – Organisations at a higher level of digital maturity generally view the top technology risks to be more significant compared to other organisations, and they are far more likely to perform technology audit risk assessments on a continuous basis.

COVID-19 and digital transformation are influencing technology risk assessments and forecasts – As expected, IT audit groups are refreshing technology risk assessments more frequently in response to pandemic-related impacts and digital transformation-driven changes in the organisation.

About the Survey

ISACA and Protiviti partnered to conduct the 9th Annual IT Audit Technology Risks Study in September 2020. More than 7,400 (n = 7,470) executives and professionals, including CAEs as well as IT audit vice presidents and directors, completed our online questionnaire. Respondents rated the significance of 39 technology risk issues based on their organisation’s technology risk assessment.

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