Audit Innovation

Advance your innovation agenda and bring on the next-generation of internal auditing.

Challenge how you Think and Operate. Transform your strategy and talent management processes, evolve your delivery and methodologies, enable everything you do with data and technology.  The pace of change is rapid.  Internal Audit functions must have an innovation mindset to strive for and drive continuous improvement through the exploration, adoption and adaptation contemporary methods, skills, and tools… all with a goal of enabling the function to better address emerging   risks, increase effectiveness, efficiency and impact while fulfilling the core mission to protect organisational value.

Better today than yesterday

Our Audit innovation services

Embrace the benefits of technology and transformation.
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Strategy & Design Thinking

Support the development of Internal Audit Vision & Strategy and help define and develop innovation priorities and plan, supported by Design Thinking methods and technologies.

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Technology Enablement

Develop and execute a technology enablement plan, focused on embedding data and technology-driven approaches through the internal audit lifecycle. Build your own or take advantage of Protiviti’s toolkit and suite of technology accelerators.

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Methodology Transformation

Re-examine the way the Internal Audit function delivers; covering everything from risk assessment and planning, to reporting, issue follow-up, and continuous auditing. Adopt and adapt methods and approaches such as Agile, Dynamic Risk Assessment, and High Impact Reporting.

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Audit Analytics

Develop and execute an analytics strategy to deliver proactive, efficient, and effective assurance resulting in deeper, data driven insights. Take advantage of Protiviti’s analytics accelerators and analytics-as-a-service offerings.

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Aligned Assurance

Drive synergy from the efforts of various risk, compliance and assurance functions through alignment, coordination, open communication, and information sharing.


The pace of change is rapid

Our approach

Our teams are prepared to help you to:

  1. Improve assurance by increasing the focus on key risks: Our data-enabled and next-generation internal audit approach provides your stakeholders with relevant, timely and impactful data-driven results on the effectiveness of risk management and controls.
  2. Drive business value: Our innovation approach leveraging data and technology-enabled audit processes, delivers increased efficiency and risk assurance.
  3. Enhance the experience of Internal Audit team members and stakeholders: Our focus on developing contemporary skillsets, deploying modern tools and methods, and focusing on the consistent and pervasive use of data and technology make the Internal Audit experience fundamentally better… for stakeholders and team members alike.

The pace of change is rapid

Key partners


Mark Peters
Mark is Managing Director in the London office in the UK. Mark leads the Internal Audit & Financial Advisory Practice in the UK. He has over 25 years of business, technology and operational risk consulting experience gained from serving a variety of companies ...
Esther Delgado
Esther is a Managing Director specialising in the provision of risk management, internal controls and assurance. She has assisted a number of organisations with their risk management and internal audit offering, including organisations across diverse industries. Prior ...