Advanced Analytics

At Protiviti we harness the value of Data Analytics understanding that it has to be at the forefront of any business. With our developed partnerships we can boost data driven insights using visualisations and dashboards. Our experienced data team can help leverage your specifics needs to make the most of your data. 

Advanced analytics should be at the forefront of your business - driving predictive decisions through sophisticated techniques and improving operational efficiency. Our team can support you in building the analytics tools such as time series forecasting, text analysis/natural language processing (NLP), and trigger systems.

Advanced analytics should be at the forefront of your business

Our Advanced Analytics services

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Operational Resilience

Our advanced analytics package is tailored to your needs, ensuring clarity on risk identification/assessment, risk mitigation, and ongoing monitoring. Our approach brings full visibility to your data-related exposure.

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Data Driven Decisions

For your business to become data centric, data driven insights need to be at the heart of your decision making. Our Protiviti experts create prescriptive analytic solutions to drive you towards producing viable and dependable data decision making.

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Emerging Risks Development

We develop tools to help you in the analysis of historic data, using visualisations and trigger systems to create transparency in your data to identify emerging risks to help counter oncoming issues.

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Preventive not Responsive

At Protiviti, we believe that the best analytical systems are those which detect a risk before it becomes an issue. This process supersedes the need for BI and MI tools, and the prescriptive analysis provided can be autonomous.


Our approach

Make technology work for you—not against you

In a time of ever-evolving digital transformation, Protiviti’s technology consulting services help you fully understand the business processes you want to enable, the customer experience you want to create, or the critical information you need to protect. It is a necessary first step in making technology work for you—not against you. 

Make technology work for you—not against you