ESG Strategy and Planning

Create a world where good works matter.

While being one of the greatest challenges, sustainability is also one of the greatest opportunities to make a real impact.  

More and more companies are aware that from a business perspective, sustainability becomes a strategic asset to address stakeholders’ expectations, increase competitive advantage and ensure long-term value and future viability. However, there is often a lack of clear sustainability strategies and defined implementation plans. 

Our commitment to sustainability begins and ends with doing the right thing, in every instance. And, we do so in such a way that ensures your organisation, and its people, will grow and thrive by providing strategies and tools to report your organisation’s sustainability plan in a meaningful way.

Our commitment to sustainability begins and ends with doing the right thing, in every instance

How we're helping our clients

Analyses, Assessment and Benchmarking

Our proven methods provide guidance and data driven assessments to enable lasting business transformation. We analyse all areas of the company to understand current organisational maturity and build the roadmap for the future.


Stakeholder Engagement

Sustainability becomes a strategic asset to address the increasingly demanding sustainability expectations of all stakeholders. Since ESG can have a different meaning to each group of stakeholders, we will help you identify, analyse and align their objectives.


Frameworks and Standards

Sustainability reporting can help your organisation identify and report on the topics that matter most to stakeholders while monitoring performance against ESG goals. We will tailor a customised reporting solution and help you select the most suitable framework.


Strategy Definition

Sustainability’s high impact requires integrating your ESG strategy into your business strategy and aligning all objectives with your ESG vision and mission. Our holistic approach supports you in mastering this challenge, creating long-term value for your organisation.


Programme Management and Execution

We provide the expertise to develop, implement and measure programme success. Our approach helps you reach (and communicate) your objectives and ensure long-term value. We supervise and manage your ESG projects to effectively guide you through the process.


Sustainability strategy tailored to support a future-proof company

Our approach

Our sustainability expertise, combined with the capabilities of Protiviti’s unique innovation center, allows us to stay ahead of market trends to empower our clients and guarantee a business advantage. 

Protiviti’s holistic approach assures a sustainability strategy tailored to support a future-proof company. We help clients identify key stakeholder expectations and assess major impact areas, define their ambition level, and set targets and measures to reach them.  Our experienced international and multicultural sustainability team partners with leadership to define and implement that strategy.

Sustainability strategy tailored to support a future-proof company
ESG Continuum

The ESG continuum

The real objective of sustainable development is to extend the life expectancy of ecosystems, societies, and economies through collaboration with other organisations — for profit and not-for-profit, in the private and public sectors, and across borders. That means sustaining the natural resources, cultures and communities that enable commercial activity, and the governance structures and financial and other markets essential for corporate competition and viability. The question is: What does the organisation do about sustainability? 

ESG Continuum


Robert Hirth
Bob Hirth is a Senior Managing Director and served as Co-Vice Chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and is COSO Chair Emeritus. He serves on our global ESG steering committee and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topic of ESG around the world. ...
Jonathan Wyatt
Jonathan Wyatt is a Managing Director in London and is responsible for our operations in Europe.  Jonathan and has almost 30 years’ experience in Technology & Business consulting, helping organisation transform, embrace the latest technologies, whilst managing ...