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Modernise your enterprise applications to drive business performance

Organisations are almost universally reevaluating their enterprise applications and platforms to stay relevant and succeed in this digital era. Protiviti’s enterprise application services provide expertise to help organisations select, design, implement, maintain, and protect applications to complete the journey to business transformation.

We leverage the principles of design thinking and harness the power of innovative technologies to provide customised yet flexible solutions to achieve optimal business results. From the front-office to back-office, the motivation to modernise and transform applications leveraging cloud technologies is clear—improved infrastructure, better operational performance, enhanced customer experience, and more cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are looking to modernise your enterprise applications including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)/Integrated Risk Management (IRM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and more, or embark on a complete digital transformation journey, we can help you succeed.

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Stay relevant and successful in this digital era

How we help our clients

We harness the power of modern application technologies through the following service areas:
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Solution Design and Selection

Before committing significant time and capital on a long-term system, seek expert guidance to make the right call. Our approach maps business strategies to best-fit systems, helping you make the right choice whether modernising current architecture or adopting new technologies.

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Program Management

Large enterprise IT projects enhance business values, but tactical leadership and strong program management are key to executing projects, mitigating risk, and achieving objectives. We integrate traditional, agile, and hybrid methods to amplify program delivery.

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Program Risk and Value Governance

Delivering innovation requires balancing new capabilities with compliance requirements and embedding governance practices. We help companies instill risk and value governance into enterprise application programs, driving predictable delivery and benefits realisation.

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Implementation Services

Too many deployments experience delays, budget overruns, or fail to deliver promised values. Discover how our implementation services leverage technology accelerators to execute solution designs, whether standing up a new solution or modernising an existing system.

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Application Security and Controls

Our intelligent automation for security and controls solutions enables organisations to optimise manual controls and compliance efficiency while protecting critical information from cyber threats through enhanced roles and access management technologies.

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Managed Support Services

Managed support services enable companies to maximise IT resources by providing functional and technical support when needed. Simplifying monitoring and management processes, these services allow you to save time and money so you can focus on core business goals.


How are organisations innovating?

John Harrison, Protiviti’s Global Enterprise Application Solutions Lead, discusses how digital transformations are helping organisations grow market share and become more profitable

Relevance in today’s digital world

The power of partnership is undeniable. Our alliance partnerships and full-service technology consulting capabilities bring many support benefits to our clients, including better efficiency and performance. Some of our key partners include:

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John Harrison leads Protiviti's Enterprise Application Solution practice, specialising in helping companies optimise their investment and performance in business applications.  This includes delivery of implementation best practices, automation, and governance of ...
Scott Wisniewski
Scott is a Managing Director, and leads Protiviti’s GRC Tech Advisory solution.Scott is responsible for implementing solutions that help companies define, communicate and monitor governance, risk and compliance activities across the enterprise.Scott is currently focused ...