Riding a Hot IPO Market – Capitalising on Opportunities and Managing Key Challenges

It has been an active, and often wild, ride in the IPO market over the past year. After a slow period during the heart of the initial COVID-19 crisis, market activity has reignited at a blistering pace, driven by optimism in the global economy and the emergence of special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, among other factors.

There’s ample excitement right now about IPOs, but there also are areas to be mindful of and manage effectively in order to achieve a successful public offering. Patience and proper preparation are a must.

In this podcast, Protiviti Managing Directors Susan Alexander, Brad Rachmiel, Charlie Soranno and Nick Spinks, leaders in Protiviti’s Public Company Transformation group, discuss the overall state of the market and some of the key issues and concerns for organisations to address effectively during the overall IPO process.