Podcast: Future of Analytics - Empowering Intelligent Decision Making

The current and future state of risk analytics is bedrock to empowering the compliance function’s forward-looking agenda. With the evolution of enterprise risks, advancements in analytics, and the ever-morphing regulatory landscape, compliance can be transformed by being further data driven, and monetise the deployment of advanced analytics in empowering intelligent decision-making and risk detection.

In this episode, Constantine Boyadjiev – Managing Director leading Protiviti’s Global Risk & Compliance Analytics practice, interviews Griselda Rondon – EVP Chief Model Risk Officer and Analytics Oversight at KeyBank, and Harsh Singhal – Head of Decision Science and Artificial Intelligence Validation at Wells Fargo. Constantine, Griselda and Harsh discuss how financial services organisations can embrace change, harness technology, and bring innovation to the field of governance, analytics, risk, and compliance.

Listen to this podcast to learn about current Compliance function skillsets, what is needed for the future and how compliance can be transformed from performing reactive tasks to managing future risks.