Podcast | The Board’s Role in Building a Culture of Sustainability

Corporate culture, once a rather squishy, hard-to-define concept for organisations, increasingly is a top-of-mind concern for leaders looking to create a desirable workplace for innovation and one where employees who have many choices want to remain long-term. The challenges are especially acute amid the current war for talent and the need to attract and retain the best people. And part of building a strong culture is focusing on sustainability – an issue of particular interest to multigenerations of workers who have varied interests and concerns, including those related to ESG, human rights and climate change. 

In this episode of Board Perspectives, we talk with Protiviti’s Fran Maxwell and Kim Lanier about the board’s role in building a culture of sustainability. Fran is a Managing Director with Protiviti and global leader of the firm’s Workforce and Organisational Transformation Segment within the Business Performance Improvement solution. Kim, a Protiviti Director, is a leader in this group. 

They offer a number of interesting insights for board members: Among them, building a culture of sustainability is more about the journey than the destination. It’s about creating and executing a strategy and roadmap. And it’s certainly about the board setting the right tone and having the right discussions with their management teams.

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