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May 2024

Will Quantum Computing Be a Game Changer for Governments?

What will quantum’s impact be on the future of government? Where does the U.S. stack up with the rest of the world? Konstantinos Karagiannis, host of Protiviti's Post-Quantum World podcast, talks about this and more in this edition of  VISION by Protiviti.

June Webinars

Thursday, June 6, 1:00 p.m., edt — Risk Visualisation and Resilience in OT Security

Business leaders responsible for operational technology (OT) often face high volumes of security vulnerabilities, which could result in major disruption to their organisation. Register to learn how FAIR is utilised to visualise critical production assets and the threat scenarios most likely to impact them, and how the outputs of a FAIR analysis can provide a business case for OT security initiatives.

Thursday, June 20, 1:00 p.m., edt — Modernising Identity Management for SAP With Microsoft Entra ID

With the recent announcement of end-of-life support for SAP Identity Management in 2027 and the Microsoft/SAP collaboration effort to develop a solution enabling SAP customers to migrate their identity management scenarios to Microsoft Entra, now is the perfect time to learn how this integration can modernise your identity management programme. Our experts will demonstrate how this integration empowers organisations to centralise identity management, enhance security, and streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning.

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Client Story

Intelligent Document Retrieval System, Powered by Responsible AI, Helps Reduce Air Pollution

This client produces and maintains industrial equipment and has successfully adapted to industry changes many times during its almost 200 years of operation. To reduce pollution levels, the company had to analyse all its equipment and machinery to determine what it should rebuild, upgrade, or retrofit to comply with new EPA regulations. However, the client faced a problem with its operational intelligence: its decades of reports would take hundreds of hours to identify and analyse. Company leaders estimated it would have to hire 100 additional engineers to comply with this regulation.

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By Amanda Downs and Dave Laskowski

In the consumer products and retail sectors, the burdens of legacy systems and manual processes pose significant challenges for organisations across the value chain from store or online purchases to overall operations. Disconnected applications, error-prone tasks, technical debt and a lack of insight and intelligence can hinder efficiency and innovation. To address these pressing issues, a strategic approach to modernisation is essential.

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By Randy Armknecht and Manish Chawla

In the fast-paced world of modern cloud computing, ensuring infrastructure resilience is a paramount concern for enterprises worldwide. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services to power operations, the ability to withstand disruptions and maintain continuity through technology resilience becomes imperative. Two key aspects of cloud infrastructure resiliency, understanding application dependencies and leveraging failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) testing, represent the macro- and micro-level views of applications within organisations of any industry.

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