Your Plan for the Unplanned

Managed Business Solutions
Your Plan for the Unplanned


Vision by Protiviti 

What unexpected business problems keep you up at night? Are you facing a merger? Acquisition? Divestiture? Are you dealing with a backlog that needs immediate clean up and a long-term solution? Maybe you’re wondering how to tackle implementation of a new financial system or process. Or perhaps you need to address performance issues but aren’t sure where to start.

You’re not alone. When challenges feel insurmountable, business leaders turn to us. They look for support in financial and management reporting, and accounting challenges. They come from all industries including energy, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, financial services and government. They bring us problems they understand and problems they can’t pinpoint. And they expect cost-effective, scalable, efficient solutions.

We deliver.

Because the unexpected will always happen. But problems can become progress—if you know how to handle them.

How it works

Managed Business Solutions is the single solution that brings our consulting and the largest global network of highly skilled specialised staffing resources together to address your business, reporting and accounting challenges.


The result? Results.


Our unique approach

We are a single organisation able to completely integrate our consulting and staffing expertise. We’re comprised of two global leaders: Protiviti provides project management and consulting experience while Robert Half contributes a worldwide network of professional staffing resources.

You’ll have one point of contact who will manage the carefully selected team of specialists awaiting your “go.” We’re ready when you are. And when our mission is accomplished, we’ll move on — letting you run your business more efficiently and leanly.


Your team has access to more than two million consultants and advisors

Over two million experienced professionals at Robert Half support Protiviti’s core team of consultants, operating from over 400 offices across 25 countries. All those local professionals mean that we’ll find the specialised skills you need fast, without on-the-job training, and minimal to no travel costs. It also means we can ramp up — or down —depending on your budget and needs.