Target Operating Model

Maximise the value of digital transformation for finance.

The adoption of new technologies have enabled organisations to use intelligent automation to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce risks.

We help your organisation develop a practical roadmap to achieve your desired transformational outcomes in the finance function. We develop a best-fit vision, and ensure your processes, procedures, and teams deliver the best possible value for your organisation.

Supporting your finance function during existing transformation initiatives will maximise the benefits of transformation, address challenges, and improve results. With advanced finance target operating model expertise, our trusted team of advisors will help you navigate the path forward to improved digital adoption while considering the impacts on your people, process, technology, and governance.


How we’re helping our clients

We deliver a wide-range of capabilities to support your organisation's unique finance needs and beyond:
Find the right balance of internal and external talent

Our approach

In a world dominated by digital transformation, organisations will need to consider how finance will work with the business to support and achieve its goals. The finance target operating model must be designed to enable these interactions and enhance finance’s ability to strategically support the organisation. With the current shortage of skilled talent, our automation expertise will help bridge the gap to keep up with demand.

Through the use of leading practices, our professionals help organisations evaluate and find the right balance of internal and external talent to align with their strategy and optimise resources.

Depending on your organisation’s specific needs, Protiviti’s experts may work to help you deliver rapid improvements, drive operational/cost efficiencies, or navigate the complexities of outsourcing arrangements, improving service while reducing costs. We tailor our solutions to your organisational needs to uncover opportunities and optimise your resources throughout the process.

At Protiviti, we understand that every client’s environment and needs are different. We design our approach to be flexible and scalable to our clients’ needs. However, we do follow a standard methodology designed to assess your organisation’s current situation, define a high-level target operating model and create a path forward for efficiency and improvement.  

Find the right balance of internal and external talent