Change Management and Communications

Putting people at the heart of business success

Protiviti aligns change with your organisation’s strategy, and we understand that people must change their behaviors for organisations to realise the full return on their investments.

We assist in creating team engagement, accountability, and adoption of the future state. We make it clear how the change will make a difference for your company and how your people play a role in the impact.  

Our change management and communications experts provide solutions tailored to your organisation.

Change management and communications services

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Digital Transformation

We help redefine your customer’s experience, explore new operating models, create enhanced digital channels, and build skills required to compete in today’s marketplace, all while ensuring they are prepared for the changes digital transformation will bring.

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Finance Transformation

We support finance leaders address their current challenges and explore opportunities for continuous growth by aligning people, processes, and technology to drive efficiency and productivity, enabling change, and creating value for the entire organisation.

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Risk Transformation

We focus on solving real industry issues across all dimensions of change: people, process, and technology. We work with clients to define tailored roadmaps to success and provide ongoing support through managed solutions.

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Audit Transformation

We help organisations align the practice of internal auditing with the expectations of all key stakeholders. We transform your internal audit functions by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach.

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Technology Transformation Services

We will introduce you to flexible delivery models that can be quickly scaled up or down through our robust partner ecosystem. As new technologies emerge, we are here to help you embrace and accelerate the adoption of the right technology for your unique needs.

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Enterprise Applications

We have the expertise to help organisations plot, navigate, and complete the journey to business transformation. We harness the power of modern application technologies to strategically select, design, and implement solutions.

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Cloud Transformation

We provide the tools, expertise, and solutions to understand and secure your cloud environment. Our experience in cloud security methodologies, along with our familiarity of culture and organisational implications, enables a streamlined, efficient approach.

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Transaction Services

We help organisations evaluate transactions to ensure they are entered into with a full understanding of the opportunities and risks. Once a transaction is in motion, Protiviti helps companies move forward quickly while managing organisational change.


Our approach

The most effective organisations will be those that are able to adapt and to respond to shifting priorities and changing business realities

In today’s ever-evolving environment, the most effective organisations will be those that are able to adapt and to respond to shifting priorities and changing business realities, as well as the digital transformation of processes. But before this can happen, organisations need to understand how their employees are likely to deal with change and how they can be motivated to accept—and even embrace—change.  

This must take place through a strategic approach to organisational change involving careful consideration of the people affected most by change.

The most effective organisations will be those that are able to adapt and to respond to shifting priorities and changing business realities

Out change management model

Our model follows 5 critical steps to launch a successful, large-scale change initiative: 

  1. Kick-Off: Lay the foundation to make sure the change endures because everyone in the organisation is behind it. You can build a house with no foundation, but it is likely to get damaged in the first serious storm.    
  2. Document & Map Processes Affected by the Initiative: Documenting processes effectively and obtaining the buy-in of the right people will set the project on a solid track to meet or exceed expectations
  3. Solution Design and Training Preparation: For companies that have achieved alignment from the get-go, change management proceeds smoothly because all key business areas, including the crucial technology department, have been engaged in the development of requirements and process steps from the beginning.   
  4. Implement Training, Ownership and Adoption: Implementation of the new initiative is a shared responsibility across all groups. Ownership in the outcome should be shared as well, and the groups must collaborate to develop the best way to adapt the organisation to the change.  
  5. Feedback & Enhancement of Processes: For an initiative to succeed long-term, the project team must have its ear to the ground and capitalise on the feedback it receives from both key stakeholders and the broader organisation. Transparency and responsiveness to suggestions help foster a culture in which employees feel they are being heard and are part of the solution. Creating a culture of trust will also make future change implementations easier