Podcast | Workplace Transformation

Next in our Transformation Series, guest host Lucy Pearman talks with Sophie Krynauw about the future of insurance and workplaces in a digital environment with global collaborative teams focusing on outcomes rather than process.

Sophie Krynauw is the Transformation Audit Director at Group Audit Zurich Insurance Group. And part-time triathlete. Sophie is responsible for the designing the future of audit strategy for Group Audit focusing on the interplay between customer outcomes and science based methods whilst balancing the need to digitalise and transform the skills of the function. Sophie is passionate about building a growth mindset and generating change from within, through an innovation passionate collaborative global team. Sophie is accountable to lead the competency networks which connects skills and training to the risks we seek to provide assurance over. Sophie joined Zurich at the start of the pandemic and fully embraced the value a digital collaborative work environment can bring to the future of work. As a mother of one and one more on the way, she sees the pandemic as an opportunity to challenge assumptions and change the way we work for a more sustainable, inclusive future. Before Zurich, Sophie spent 12 years working at KPMG where she was COO (Global Director) for Dynamic Risk Assessment, focusing on evolving the risk assessment methodology focusing on the connectivity of risk. Prior to this role, she focused on providing assurance (internal and external) services to the insurance sector in the UK and Australia.