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An Open Letter to CEOs and Board Members: In Support of the Compliance Function

We’ve all heard it said: “Tone at the top” is critical to the success of a compliance function, and financial institution regulators expect CEOs and boards of directors to foster a “culture of compliance” in the institutions they oversee. We’d expect most CEOs and boards, when questioned, to say this is their goal. But what happens when the CEO and the board — intentionally or unintentionally — send conflicting messages about the importance of compliance?

At the risk (but not with the intent) of insulting CEOs and board members of financial institutions, we believe it’s important to call out a problem that has faced the financial services industry for a long time: wavering support for the compliance function. No, it doesn’t happen in all institutions, but it does happen in too many. And it needs to change for the good of the industry.

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Changes to the CSRD Timeline — Practical Insights Into What Companies Should Be Doing Now

March 27, 2024  |  1pm ET

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) entered into force in January 2023, intending to increase transparency on sustainability information for investors and other stakeholders. On February 7, 2024, the European Parliament and Council agreed to a proposal of the European Commission to delay certain adoption timelines of the CSRD. Because of the recent proposal, our speakers will discuss key aspects of the CSRD, the updated timeline, which types of companies are included in scope, what companies should be doing to get started and what this means for U.S. companies with European operations or presence.

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