Mark Highton

Managing Director

Mark Highton serves as Protiviti’s global Financial Crime Compliance leader with 20 years of industry experience and 10 years of consulting experience. Mark is responsible for the development of innovative solutions, pursuit and delivery of large-scale engagements, and optimisation of Financial Crime Compliance operating and delivery capabilities. Mark has successfully led many complex, global and regional projects. He has held multiple global and regional banking leadership roles in industry in Europe and the US spanning Banking Operations, HR, Finance, Shared Services and Internal Audit.

Mark has a successful track record of transforming operations, managing service, risk & compliance, cost and teams globally. He has significant experience reengineering processes, developing organisational and service delivery models, designing and delivering training programmes in support of major change initiatives, building and managing service centers, implementing systems, off-shoring business processes, evaluating and designing risk and control processes and developing and implementing key performance metrics and scorecards.

Relevant Experience

  • AML Operating Models: Developed and implemented AML/KYC operating model and processes
  • AML Centers: Designed, built and managed KYC service centers in US, Mexico, and India
  • AML Training: Developed KYC and Transaction Monitoring training programmes and delivered training to multiple clients and consulting team
  • KYC Remediation: Led numerous multi-million-dollar, complex KYC remediation engagements in the United States and Mexico
  • AML Lookbacks/Back-logs: Led large-scale AML transaction monitoring backlog/lookback engagements, many of which were/are delivered out of centers in India, Poland, Northern Ireland, and the United States
  • KYC Utility: Supported the development and set up of a US KYC Industry Utility covering policy, process and operations design and implementation
  • Policy & Procedures: Led the assessment and redesign of global and local KYC policy and standards for a global bank
  • Systems Implementation: Has successfully implemented systems across multiple countries
  • Robotics: Leveraged robotics to automate manual KYC and AML processing tasks to drive efficiency and quality improvement
  • Metrics & Scorecards: Developed and implemented metrics and KPI frameworks to facilitate effective operations management
  • Global Experience: Held multiple global/regional (North America & EMEA) roles spanning internal audit, banking operations, HR, shared services, and finance, which all had a strategic and operational dimension as well as a large element of transformation and change

Areas of Expertise:

  • Financial Crime
  • AML & KYC
  • Internal Audit
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Systems Implementation
  • Operating Model Design & Implementation
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Delivery Center operations management
  • Shared Services development and management

Industry Expertise:

  • Financial Services
  • Global Banking & Capital Markets
  • Retail Banking


  • B.A.
  • Economics & Accounting, Liverpool University, UK