Supply Chain Operations & Performance

Today’s leaders recognise their supply chain functions as a strategic operation. Recent disruptions shifted leaders’ and customer expectations of supply chains. Supply chains had previously not received enough investment to stay competitive and were not linked to strategic goals.  Now, supply chains are expected to mitigate and even predict the disruptions we’ve seen since Covid.

Organisations need to set up agile, digital networks that not only support growth and profit targets, but also help execute competitive strategies. The traditional non-strategic care and maintenance of supply chain is no longer an option.

At Protiviti, we help organisations envision and run supply chain networks that drive change, align with their strategies, and make a positive impact on society. The supply chain of the future is a complete reimagining of how we've done things in the past.


July 14, 2023

Beyond the Buzzword: Making Supply Chain Agility a Reality

Supply chain agility is a strategic urgency and should be backed by formalised tools and processes. The big picture: A persistent focus on cost impedes supply chain resilience and revenue assurance. Many organisations discover their supply chains are not agile enough only after the damage has been done. Boards, leaders and operations executives should define,...

Supply Chain Operations & Performance Services

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Supply Chain Operating Model & Strategic Policy Design

Our consultants design and align clients’ supply chain operating model – processes, org, technology – to the competitive strategy of the business. Identify and plan for critical, strategic capabilities that will directly execute the strategy through supply chain execution.

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Agile Manufacturing & Factory of the Future

Protiviti’s operations & performance consultants convert traditional production operations to the agile, digital factory using new technologies to collect data from the ecosystem and then use that data to simulate and optimise factory processes.

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Intelligent Warehousing & Next-Gen Distribution

We help our clients transform physical distribution into a tiered, multi-objective, intelligent and customer-friendly set of facilities, skills and fleet assets. Next-gen distribution focuses on executing cost/service strategy to ensure customers are properly served with programmes like omnichannel.

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Field Services & Aftermarket Operations

Implement a world-class service and aftermarket business with two over-arching objectives: capture the premium profits available in services, and deliver premium customer service to attract, grow and keep customers to beat the competition.

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End-to-End Integrated Supply/Demand Planning

Deploy a set of integrated and collaborative capabilities to estimate and optimise supply resources to meet demand. We use new tools and techniques, like predictive demand sensing, inventory optimisation, collaborative capacity planning, and network visibility.

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Maintenance & Asset Reliability Operations

Our team enhances the two primary components of asset management for our clients: optimise strategic reliability management through new analytics and modeling and improve maintenance operations through world-class work management tools and execution.

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Operational Excellence Solutions

We apply specific tools such as Lean/Six Sigma, advanced analytics and continuous improvement to drive new performance in revenue, cost, assets and service with a focus on detailed operations.


Our Approach

Our focus is two-fold for our clients: help the organisation effectively execute their strategy, and deliver improved performance in revenues, cost, assets and service.

There are two aspects of supply chain management that are consistent across industries.  One is that your supply chain operating model must align with and support your competitive strategy in the marketplace.  For example, if you’re going to market as a customer service leader, your operational capabilities better be prepared to deliver world class service, all at the expense of other attributes.  And two, that your supply chain operating model must continuously innovate and embrace new practices so that you’re constantly creating an advantage over your competitors.

Protiviti excels at:

  1. Assisting clients in developing an aligned operating model with the best mix of strategic capabilities.
  2. Supporting clients to improve and implement new capabilities such that are constantly evolving their performance.
  3. Helping clients survey the competitive and industry landscape such that they are defining the state of the art in the areas of production operations, fulfillment, demand & supply planning, and aftermarket & services.

Our focus is two-fold for our clients: help the organisation effectively execute their strategy, and deliver improved performance in revenues, cost, assets and service.

Our focus is two-fold for our clients: help the organisation effectively execute their strategy, and deliver improved performance in revenues, cost, assets and service.

Technology Partners

Technology partnerships are a driving force behind our Supply Chain Operations Consulting offering. Our partners bring cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate with our consulting expertise, fostering efficiency and growth for our clients. Some of our key partners include: