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Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities Industry Perspectives - February 2018

Your monthly blog and industry news round-up contains - a) From Tried and True to Something New – the Energy and Utilities Industry Wrestles with Disruptive Innovation. b) To Thrive, Utilities Must Have a Data Analytics Strategy and a Business Intelligence Plan, c) Avoiding IoT Inertia in the Oil and Gas Sector Requires an IoT Strategy and d) Drastic Measures in the Oil Patch Helped Survival – But Can They Translate into a Sustainable Cost Management Programme?

APAC Risk and Compliance issue 7

Asia Risk and Compliance Newsletter - Issue 7

Welcome to the latest edition of Protiviti’s Asia-Pacific Risk and Compliance Insights. In this quarterly newsletter, we provide a summary of important risk and compliance developments across the Asia-Pacific financial services sector.

Board Oversight of Performance Management

Board Oversight of Performance Management

No more pervasive issue falls within the board’s purview than performance management — the process by which performance toward targeted goals is measured and monitored. Performance relates to virtually everything that is important to a company’s progress — execution of its strategy, the customer experience, investor expectations, executive compensation and the board’s oversight itself.


Podcast: Bridging the Gap Between Finance and Procurement

This Podcast brings out the ways in which the views of procurement and finance leaders diverge in organisations, along with best practises for building a procurement function that drives financial results.

Protiviti Careers
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Working at Protiviti

Learn about how at Protiviti, we come together to share diverse ideas and experiences, grow professionally and personally, and collaborate to create a better future for our people, our clients and the communities in which we live and work.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

Customer-centric IT is not an oxymoron How one nonprofit company did it hero

Customer-centric IT is not an oxymoron: How one nonprofit company did it

When perception of the information technology (IT) function of one of the country’s largest nonprofits turned unfavorable – as IT teams put the onus on other IT teams to deliver high-quality customer service – the organisation’s CIO decided to replace the IT-centric playbook she inherited with a decidedly more customer-centric approach
Healthcare cybersecurity Transformation

Avoiding the headlines: Healthcare organisation commits to raising its cybersecurity competency to buck the industry norm

Recognising the cyber attack threats, a healthcare organisation with significant hospital and physician group operations across the U.S. and globally reached out to Protiviti to assess its cybersecurity capabilities.

Global online payments pioneer discovers it pays to talk to experts before choosing a compliance technology solution

Should we implement an off-the-shelf solution to support our regulatory compliance program? Or, is a custom-built technology solution a better option? Buy versus build?
fewer overruns less delays

Fewer overruns, less delay: How one industrial products company enabled real-time cost reduction with effective capital project controls

Alarmed by the recurring capital project cost overruns and schedule delays he saw, the president of an industrial products company sought help from Protiviti’s capital project management experts. The ensuing collaboration resulted in process and systems upgrades that helped the company eliminate significant cost overruns that afflicted the majority of its previous capital projects.
Protiviti Healthcare

Innovative Digital Storefront Solution from Protiviti Helps Medical Device Manufacturer Raise Level of Sample Inventory Tracking and Compliance

The success of any project of this scope depends largely on the capabilities and commitment of the client, who in this case provided outstanding leadership, collaboration and a genuine commitment to positive change