Construction & Infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure development have remained a cornerstone of society and have increased our living standards for centuries. At Protiviti, we focus on issues that matter most in the physical world around us, and how we can improve health, education, transport and other asset classes which will sustain our future generations.

There is increasing demand for construction and modern infrastructure as global living standards improve, expectations change, and newer technologies emerge.

Construction and infrastructure development literally shape our world. With this responsibility in mind, public and private sector organisations, which drive this critical industry forward, are faced with many unique business challenges:

  • Supply chain disruptions and shortages of raw materials leading to time and costs constraints
  • New and emerging technologies, including data enabled ‘smart’ cities and infrastructure
  • Increasing competition from niche or specialist competitors 
  • Stakeholder and public expectations for infrastructure projects and government spending
  • Increasing focus on environmental social governance and pressure to contribute sustainable solutions for our future.

As demand for new assets increases globally, the need for new thinking is more critical than ever. Protiviti’s construction and infrastructure teams are at the forefront of these global developments and partner with both public and private sector organisations to solve their complex business problems. Together, we help to deliver confidence across the construction and infrastructure sector, with a focus on value creation, quality and sustainability.

Sectors we serve

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Project Risk

Capital projects present a diverse set of challenges that bring uncertainty as well as opportunity. We partner with both public and private sector stakeholders to understand and respond to their diverse risk environments. We build risk frameworks, implement tools and systems, and manage risk on the ground and in the board room.

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Capital Project Assurance

The size and scale of modern construction and infrastructure projects means project stakeholders are seeking independent assurance. Protiviti has developed risk-based construction audit information improving the way project teams think about governance, risk, control and technology.

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Construction Data Insights and Analytics

Major construction and infrastructure projects depend on robust financial and operational data to manage cost, deliver on scope and to identify challenges before they derail construction progress. Our analytics tools reduce the time needed to collect and transform project schedule and cost data.

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Environmental Social Governance

PROcapital is our analytics tool used in construction and on capital projects. The tool reduces the time needed to collect and transform project cost data allowing our teams to focus on reviewing and auditing costs. PROcapital uses analytics to quickly assess and structure large sets of construction project data.