Your Well-Being

You’re not just a member of the team. We count you as a member of the family. Our theme—Living Protiviti—guides every element of our business, including the benefits, tools, and resources we provide employees to be well in work and life.

We support our employees in every stage of their life journey. Whether they’re starting a family, caring for a loved one, or pursuing a dream to travel, we offer benefits that help individuals explore, create, and excel.

When we feel empowered to achieve our goals in all aspects of our lives, we believe we’re able to become our best selves.



Hybrid work isn’t a one-size-fits-all work environment, it flexes and bends to work for you and the teams you work alongside every day, both at work and at home. Through our hybrid work model, #HowWeHybrid, you are empowered to work with your engagement teams and leaders to fulfill your job responsibilities through a blend of in-person and remote work. As a team member, your journey will look different than your colleagues as it molds to your unique professional and personal obligations. And although each journey will differ, the principles that guide your decisions will remain consistent across Protiviti, anchored to best serve our People Promises and Client Promises. This is #HowWeHybrid.


Benefits for life

We offer competitive benefits that support mental, physical, emotional, and financial health. Including paid leave, retirement planning, and employee assistance programmes.

We also offer an Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP), an annual bonus based on our success as an organisation, career level, and personal performance. The ICP is driven by transparency, so you’ll know your target award and can track your projected payout.

Employee networking groups: Standing together

Our Employee Networking Groups are communities that organise, both in-person and virtually, to promote diversity initiatives in the company. Employees drive the action in these groups, but our leadership supports and provides everyone with an opportunity to have an impact.

Team challenges: Inspiring healthy habits

To encourage physical health, we organise team challenges. This may include giving employees points for engaging in fitness-centric activities or organising races and sports games. Employees enjoy the chance to participate in physical activity, often during work hours—with a little competitive spirit added to the mix!

Employee assistance programme: Here for you when It matters

We are committed to supporting our employees’ well-being in every way, and so we offer an Employee Assistance Programme as a built-in resource that provides help when it is needed.

Time off to recover, relax, reconnect

When employees get sick, they don’t need to add stress to their already-full plates. We want them to be able to take time off when they need it, whether for illness, vacation, or other personal reasons. Our employees are always working hard, and we reward them with generous paid time off.

Working smarter with productivity tools

Since our teams are distributed across a network of offices, we rely on an arsenal of productivity tools to help us all work smarter. That means working with the latest digital technology to connect with other colleagues and offices, as well as company-wide platforms to share updates, schedule events, and find out the latest company news. Whatever our role, we ensure our employees have the tools and the resources to work effectively.

Our core values


Integrity means committing to do the right thing in all situations. This includes our relationships with our clients and with our colleagues, the way we ethically steward our company, and the ways in which we contribute to our communities. Discover how Protiviti demonstrates this core value, every day.

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Inclusion means creating an equitable work environment where everyone can flourish. We succeed through teamwork, diversity and respect for each other. Discover how Protiviti demonstrates this core value, every day.

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Innovation means we expect, value and deliver new ideas and approaches. We use a highly collaborative approach and the latest in tools and techniques to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Discover how Protiviti demonstrates this core value, every day.

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Commitment to Success

We empower our people to drive the success of our clients and colleagues and to better our communities. We also celebrate our people’s individual and team successes as together we deliver excellence and make a positive impact on the world around us.