Cloud Security

Secure your Cloud environment to accelerate growth and drive ROI

The move to the cloud is well underway. Are you on board?

Protiviti’s cloud security expertise enables organisations to grow their business without sacrificing operational efficiency. Our cloud security-certified experts assist and implement enterprise strategies that support regulatory compliance efforts and business operations.

The landscape of cloud security solutions needed to keep organisations safe and secure is rapidly evolving. It’s more important than ever to integrate security practices into cloud solutions before, during, and after migrating to the cloud.

To do this, organisations must identify and manage cloud security risks while strengthening capabilities. At the same time, cloud services providers must expand native and third-party security services to meet the demands of digital transformation and cost optimisation.

Our experience in cutting-edge cloud security methodologies such as zero trust architecture and secure design patterns enable a streamlined, efficient approach to securing public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Grow your business without compromising operational efficiency

Our Cloud Security capabilities

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Advisory and Governance

Leverage the tools and guidance needed to be “cloud ready,” including compliance requirements, user privacy provisions, cloud security assessments, ransomware and penetration testing , and security tool rationalisations.

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Applying a cloud security strategy and governance program support framework enables you to effectively identify security gaps and establish road maps to remediate them.

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Architecture and Transformation

Cloud implementation and design revolve around cloud security methodologies such as DevSecOps, zero trust architecture, and native cloud tool design implementation. Adopt and leverage strategies that prepare you for future changes and threats.

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Managed Cloud Security

After initial implementation , Protiviti builds a cloud security platform that provides security insight monitoring, management, and mitigation of vulnerabilities, while meeting the evolving needs of industry-wide cloud compliance .

Cloud Security Reference Architecture

Our Cloud Security approach

Protiviti’s approach to cloud security starts and ends with leading practices and secure cloud design. We see our clients as business leaders first, and apply our cloud security capabilities with business risk, growth, and sustainability at the forefront. By leveraging our cloud security reference architecture, we help you achieve business growth, operational efficiency, enterprise management, and regulatory compliance.

Our cloud security reference architecture includes the building blocks of an effective cloud security program.

Cloud Security Reference Architecture

Why Cloud Security matters

Now, more than ever, cloud security must be integrated with cloud design and implementation for optimal performance and reliability.

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Case Studies

Problem: An insurance industry client needed to secure its cloud environment and develop a road map to integrate security into its delivery pipeline in preparation for migration to the cloud.

Solution: Protiviti provided a custom foundational cloud security control set, application-security tool recommendations and industry perspectives aligned with the client’s environment.

Value: As a result of the project, the cloud engineering and information security teams improved communication, awareness and collaboration strength.    

Problem: A regional health insurer sought a third-party review of the architecture design and project plan for their multiyear cloud migration.

Solution: Protiviti provided input into the client’s audit strategy and validated that its design was consistent with HIPAA requirements.

Value: At the project's end, the health insurer was equipped with a pre-implementation audit report and strategic input into the plan to identify high-risk areas for post- implementation audits.    

Problem: A large pharmaceutical company sought support in integrating its different cloud environments under one consolidated cloud security governance structure, enhancing its preventative and reactive controls and creating a sustainable platform on which the business can be enabled.

Solution: Protiviti assessed the company’s baselines and mapped them to their existing controls to provide visibility into what services were covered by controls and which had gaps.

Value: Automated policy enforcement was implemented for services with control gaps, which helped to reduce the manual workload and provide continuous compliance.    

Problem: A large healthcare company needed a comprehensive review of its cloud strategy and governance capabilities, along with recommendations to identify current risks and align with industry best practices.

Solution: Protiviti developed a comprehensive report on the client’s current state that aligned to their future vision.

Value: The healthcare company’s existing gaps were identified, and the client had recommendations and a roadmap that would act as the north star for their cloud strategy.