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Live something different

Students & Graduates

As you take the first steps of your career, you have an incredible number of opportunities and paths before you. Do you stick with what’s familiar? Do you follow your interests to somewhere new? The choice is yours. At Protiviti, we believe the best career journeys compel us to live something different.

Students & Graduates

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The work we do


We identify, measure, and navigate the risks clients face within their industries and across the systems and processes they use, offering proven and value-added solutions.

If you are looking for a way to evolve your career, joining our team can help you explore numerous paths. Our innovative approach to consulting includes the following areas of focus:

  • Business performance improvement
  • Digital
  • Internal audit and financial advisory
  • Risk and compliance
  • Technology consulting

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Our recruiting processes

Data and Analytics

When you apply for a role at Protiviti, we want you to feel empowered and informed every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect throughout the recruiting experience:

  • Make a Connection —To learn more about our current global vacancies please review our country pages.
  • Have a Conversation —Learn more about the role and see if you are interested in taking the next step.
  • Learn More —We will ensure that all your questions are answered and that all your career and life ambitions are recognised as we go forward.
  • The Choice is Yours —We work hard to make sure there is transparency during the process, and that you are equipped with all the information to make the decision to join Protiviti!

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Meet our people

Cybersecurity consulting

Solution-Oriented. Values-Driven.

These words reflect the people who make up our Protiviti team. Across the globe, we are committed to making a difference for one another, for our clients, and for the communities where we live and work.
People are Protiviti’s greatest asset. We bring our unique and exceptional talents from a wide variety of backgrounds. Every day, we deliver our mission of bringing confidence in a dynamic world —we call it Living Protiviti. We leverage our values—Integrity, Inclusion, and Innovation—to guide our actions and interactions every step of the way.

Everyone has a story. Knowing one another’s stories helps to connect us. Learn more about our people, our passions and perspectives, and imagine the possibilities for joining our team.

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Developing your career

Growth Within Protiviti

At Protiviti, we help you realise your potential and bring your career goals to life through a blend of meaningful work experiences and coaching, world-class learning, growth opportunities, and leadership development at every level.

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We grow in ways that are meaningful

Build something different

In a workforce of thousands, no two stories are exactly the same. As individuals, we grow in ways that are meaningful – and we are stronger together.

Turn your passion into a career that makes a difference, in a place where you belong.

We grow in ways that are meaningful

We pursue new ideas and techniques

Learn something different

As a learning organisation, we teach and coach one another; we pursue new ideas and techniques; and we empower every individual to do so at their own pace, on their own terms. We grow our impact through individual strengths – and yet we are also stronger together.

We pursue new ideas and techniques

Protiviti team stands out

Contribute something different

Time and again, clients confirm: the Protiviti team stands out. Our collaborative approach, rooted in trust, sets our brand apart. And every action or interaction is a chance for us to be our best.

We believe that by teaming together with each other and clients, we can see beyond the surface of problems to things often overlooked, and we can discover ways to face the future with greater confidence.

Protiviti team stands out

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Find your “Something Different” today

Are you ready to live something different? View open positions and apply today!

View open positions and apply today!