Life at PCC

The PCC team is young, vibrant and has the professionalism that transcends from Arthur Andersen ensuring a great work culture. The leadership invests significant time in training new hires using structured and on-the-job approach and finance professional certifications. At PKIC, Projects typically range from a few hours to a few days which allows the team members to get involved in a wide variety of work leading to enhanced learning. At RTS, we follow a variety of software development lifecycles like agile, rapid and waterfall.

The PCC team works across the organization’s 85 offices present globally, providing wide exposure across geographies, people and cultures. In addition, rather than restricting one to a particular industry or service line, we believe in rotating our people across multiple solution offerings, across industries thereby providing well rounded development. People are recognized for their merit and are given opportunities to grow professionally, gain varied exposure and become great people managers in future.

Rewards and recognition

At Protiviti, recognizing our colleagues' contributions is a way of life. Besides frequent informal shout outs in huddles/emails we also have structured recognition programs where our people are recognized for the job well done monthly, half yearly and annually.

While we have a week dedicated to appreciating our employees across the global Protiviti offices, acknowledging our peoples’ efforts year around is fundamental to our culture. After all, one appreciation does go a long way!

Learning and development

Here to aid in your personal growth and development.

As a Protiviti employee, you will get a free pass to Protiviti University that provides a plethora of learning materials, online courses, and certifications to aid in your professional and personal growth and development. With Percipio and LinkedIn as our learning partners, whether you are looking forward to sharpening the axe or expanding your portfolio by adding a new skill you will always have a recommended course/learning material to meet your developmental needs. We also partner with renowned training institutions for leadership and self- development courses from time to time.

Here to aid in your personal growth and development.
Passport to Protiviti

A typical day at PCC spent in various teams

PKIC (Protiviti Knowledge and Innovation Center)

  • PKIC receives projects from across Protiviti’s Solutions, Industries and Internal Operations on a daily basis
  • CoE leads prepare work pipeline, send acknowledgement and get on a call with requestors, if needed
  • Teams have an interactive stand-up where team members discuss projects, status updates etc.
  • Leads also make mid checks to track progress, discuss approach & sources, value-addition or any challenges to requests
  • Leads do a thorough quality review and share deliverables with the requestors
  • Teams are also involved in Design Thinking activities, Trainings, Quality meetings, Fun Sessions and other initiatives

PSS/RTS  (Protiviti Software Services/Robert Half Technology Services)

  • Technical Leads conduct daily huddle and communicate milestones as per scheduled Project plan
  • Leads acknowledge client requests and allocate the tasks based on priority
  • Leads discuss challenges and provide remediation plan
  • Team members complete their allocated task and get it reviewed by their respective leads before delivering to client
  • Larger projects are scheduled based on Software Development Lifecycle practices
  • Meetings, Value Add discussions, Trainings, Updates, etc. are part of the daily routine
Passport to Protiviti