Sustainable Operations

Sustainability is not a trend; it is a business requirement.

Commitment to sustainability is more than a project. It requires a cultural shift, transformation of core processes and introduction of key measures that support a circular economy. As customer demands and regulations evolve, we enable our clients to identify and address the sustainability risks across their supply chain and operational footprint.

Protiviti’s Sustainable Operations Consulting practice helps you move from theory to action by implementing operational processes that align with the expectations of your customers, investors and employees while also complying with rapidly evolving environmental standards and regulations. We are worldwide change agents ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

We are worldwide change agents ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come

Research Guide

March 11, 2024

Sustainability: Frequently Asked Questions

The subject of sustainability continues to evolve and present challenges and opportunities for businesses. Protiviti has created a guide of frequently asked questions to provide helpful insight to help businesses navigate sustainability matters.

How We're Helping Our Clients

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management & Optimisation

Our experts identify opportunities to reduce emissions while ensuring that our clients stay competitive and prosperous.

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Energy Management & Optimisation

We help identify and implement best-in-class control and monitoring solutions to optimise building and equipment performance.

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Water Management & Optimisation

We assess and detect opportunities for our clients to increase water efficiency, create water savings, and implement a water stewardship culture.

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Materials & Waste Management

Our sustainable operations consultants help organisations progress toward a true circular economy and waste-free culture by reducing and reusing materials.

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Sourcing & Procurement

We help our clients understand and address sustainability risks embedded within the value chain to reduce operating risk, boost competitiveness, and increase shareholder value.


Our Approach

Protiviti’s approach extends well beyond traditional financial reporting and disclosure to deliver a holistic view of corporate performance, emphasising sustainable operations and non-financial key performance indicators. Protiviti offers solutions that drive sustainability practices throughout the organisation.

  • Analyse: We help organisations identify the key sustainable operations challenges and risks throughout their operations.
  • Implement: We utilise the latest technology to implement strategies that achieve KPIs (key performance indicators) supporting emissions reduction, energy, water, and waste management, and supply chain sustainability.
  • Continuous review and assessment: As regulations and customer demands change, we continue to help our clients stay competitive and flexible.

Client Story

February 28, 2024

Environmental Nonprofit Builds Supplier Diversity and Sustainability to Meet Climate Change Goals

Protiviti supported changes to our client’s purchasing processes and tools to attain diversity and sustainability goals, starting with setting targets and ultimately delivering a solution to capture supplier data and track attainments.