When Executives Stand in the Way — Create the Right Tone at the Top for Change

In the race toward innovation and transformation, it can be easy for leadership to overlook their crucial role in driving change in the organisation, including fostering vital new mindsets and behaviors.

What you should know: Executive engagement is a critical component to enable change. It’s important to make the distinction that leaders and managers don’t “manage” change; they “enable” change.

By the numbers: According to research from multiple consulting firms and based on our own experience, more than 70% of major change initiatives (including digital transformation) experience some level of failure.

Key point: In our work, we’ve seen a notable link between leadership self-awareness of change management-related shortcomings and change enablement success.

Bottom line: Executives need to align on their views and approaches with regard to setting the right tone at the top for change. They need to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with the workforce.
  • Ensure there is two-way communication in place so that important feedback is gathered from employees on the most effective change management best practices as well as actions to avoid.
  • Model the very behaviors they want to see in their employees.

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(The Bulletin — Volume 8, Issue 8)

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