Global financial services technology company divests its product suite to improve efficiency and drive business growth


GBST engaged Protiviti to support the divestiture of part of its product suite. The engagement required the segregation and separation of shared products and infrastructure, including separation and migration of on-premises and AWS cloud-based infrastructure and applications.


Over the discovery phase, Protiviti’s engineers worked with the GBST engineering team to identify the infrastructure and applications to be migrated, the ownership of each component, any major milestones to be met, dependencies between components and effort required. This information was used to develop an approach and timeline for the separation and migration of on-premises workloads into a Well Architected AWS Account and hosted on AWS EC2 and AWS S3 resources.

Planned separation and migration activities were delivered over a 9-month period. AWS Application Migration Service was utilized to simplify and expedite migrations. The delivery plan was managed alongside numerous senior stakeholders (including external stakeholders) and adjusted throughout execution to manage budgets, priority, and resource overutilisation of AWS AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Athena and AWS CloudTrail.

Protiviti managed the project delivery activities, timelines, risk and issues identification and technical separation and migration, successfully adapting to changing requirements from all stakeholders. Throughout the project, Protiviti provided a variety of technical and business-based expertise to set both companies up for the long run, building tools, methodologies and process documents to improve efficiencies, and supported BAU activities where possible to ensure improved operations and separation consistency utilising AWS CloudTrail, AWS BackUp and AWS CloudWatch.


Protiviti enabled GBST to achieve a successful separation and segregation of its product suite and migration into AWS facilitating the technical requirements required for the divestiture of the product suite.